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Information On Wholesaling Houses For Profit

Article by Alex Nghiem

Today’s economy is truly a roller coaster ride, and not one for the faint of heart. But if any one piece of good news can be taken from today’s financial climate it is that in the world of real estate, there are countless opportunities to make a very good living using the wholesale housing market to your advantage. It’s a pretty simple process, find properties that you can put under contract for a small amount of money. Next, you find qualified buyers to purchase the property for more then your put it under contract for. The difference is your profit. Please, pardon the cliché’, but you are the middle man in this transaction, but that’s the perfect place to be for deals like this. It’s all about the knowhow. There are lots of owners out there that can’t keep up with their mortgage. They are less interested in a profit from selling their property as they are not having it foreclosed upon. On the flip side there are lots of buyers who are ready to purchase properties in this “down” market. They know they can get properties at bargain prices. They can then either hold the property until the market recovers or simply sell it now for a quick profit.Few investors really understand how simple this process really is. This isn’t a long flip where you buy, renovate and resell. That would be far too risky, you are simply taking control of the property for a small sum of money (often as little as ten dollars), you then aggressively market the property until it is sold. If you are unable to sell the property in a reasonable amount of time, you simply walk away, losing only your ten dollar deposit. You put it all together and everyone comes out on top, a fresh start with no foreclosure for the property owner, a great deal for the buyer, and of course a great finder’s fee for you!Now as with any opportunity, you have to do the work. You have to find the deals and the buyers. You have to match them up, based on what they have to offer and what they need. And more than anything you have constantly be aware of the market and where the next deal is coming from. Wholesaling does require a bit more “legwork” then traditional real estate, but has the advantage of a much easier sell as both parties are motivated, and are quicker to sign on to these deals as not to miss their chance.

About the Author

Alex Nghiem is the co-founder of several Real Estate investment websites and is a well respected coach. His latest project is the just completed Wholesaling Manifesto – This FREE resource will help you get started in the Wholesaling Business. The eBook is Free! Learn More here: Wholesaling Manifesto

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