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Is Adding 3 Inches Covered in Healthcare Bill?

Article by Bill Watson

Almost everyday I get ads sent to my email offering pills that will grow my manhood an additional 3 inches. Thinking about the ongoing serious healthcare debate, it makes me ponder some questions. It’s also time to take a humorous look at an odd healthcare possibility. And we know how important sex is in Washington.

The obvious question is, do men really need the added 3 inches? But this is not the question that I intend to answer in this article. I want to deal with the political and economic side of the debate.

Now that Scott Brown is a rock star senator from Massachusetts, he will be a part of this debate. He won Ted Kennedy’s senate seat. Kennedy was well known for his sexual conquests and now he may have the perfect successor. When in college Brown was named Sexiest Man Alive by Cosmo Magazine. He also appeared nearly nude for the mag. What would he say about the 3 inches?

If the promise of the pill is true, I would like to know who paid for the research. Did our tax dollars go to scientists for this discovery? Are their any congressmen that sponsored this research and what are their names?

I have no doubt that there are congressmen who would purchase these pills. In full disclosure, it should be made public. I am impressed with the sexual activity of these old guys in Washington. Too often we hear of interns pleasing their elected bosses, presidents getting bj’s, and even gay sex. Each time I see Robert Byrd sleeping in his congressional seat (92 year old rep from Virginia), I never know if it is because of age or if he is just worn out!

Has anyone investigated the healthcare bill to see if it provides coverage for enlarging sex organs? I heard that certain sex change surgery is available. If that’s true, then it would not be a stretch (pardon the pun) to have treatments covered by insurance that increase or alter sexual performance tools.

This would also be a big help to the uninsured. Many of them do not have jobs and could use a lift during these hard times. I will no longer apologize for the puns.

This subject gives new meaning to the phrase “big government”. And what is big government famous for? “Stimulus” plans! We can now answer the question, “How do you measure a good politician?”

Herbert Hoover promised “a chicken in every pot”. This illustrates how far we have strayed when living with economic trials. In the past politicians focused on pots, now they focus on pants.

About the Author

Bill does online marketing for small business. Check out his political blog at www.questionsbybill.com

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