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Is Coffee The Most Popular Drink In History?

Article by Mary Chambers

As far back as 850 A.D it is said that a lonely sheep herder and hischarge stumbled across a strange and mysterious berrygrowing on a secluded and forgotten hillside. Before hecould stop them, some of his sheep had already began tosample this strange fruit. After about ten minutes or so theshepherd began to notice something unusual about his sheep.They no longer looked tired after their long trek that day.In fact they appeared to be wide awake and very alert. Theshepherd had never seen them behave this way and he wascurious. Now being a little tired and weary himself theshepherd decided to try the berries for himself. Just as hadhappened with his flock he too became wide awake and pardonthe pun, extremely “full of beans”. Just then a monkhappened by and after hearing what had happened proceeded toscold the poor shepherd and lecture him on his foolishindulgence. Having had his say the monk continued on hisjourney but before he set off he made absolutely sure that aplant was secured amongst his belongings.Back at the abbey the monks decided to try this new magicalstimulant. Soon the endless hours of praying became easy toendure. Coffee the beverage had been unleashed. Itswidespread use first took hold in the Ethiopian regionsbefore then moving on to the Arabian empire. Here it was tobe held for many years as a sacred substance until it wasillegally exported to the outside world by an Arab calledBaba Budan. Word of its effects then began to spread and ina short while coffee was to become one of the most treasuredcommodities in our history. Today we drink a staggering 4billion cups each and every year and there are many among uswho would simply refuse to start our day without it.Although coffee is well known for keeping us awake there arealso health benefits associated with the drinking of coffee.It is said that those who suffer from asthma and partake ofthe drink have 25% less symptoms due to a substance calledtheophylline. This is what is known as a bronchodilator andquite simply it is claimed to help those who suffer from thedisease to breathe a little easier. Drinking Coffee on aregular basis is also meant to help lower your risk of coloncancer by a figure also in the region of around 25%. It isthought to do this simply by helping to keep you regularwhich in turn helps fend off disease and illness.Apart from the benefits that have just been mentioned it hasto be said that simply drinking coffee as a beverage is adelight that cannot easily be surpassed. The amazing thingis that the average person has no idea of the varied tastesthat this hallowed bean has to offer. One of the growingtrends of recent years has to be the rising popularity ofordering coffee via the wonder we call the internet. Neverbefore have we been able to sample such a wide variety oftastes, blends and aromas without having to endure thetedious trials of hiking around the city. I myself tend toplace small orders but I always make a point to record thename, blend and of course exactly from whom I purchased.Now you know the story of the magic beans I hope that nexttimeyou are considering popping into the local coffee shopyou recall the story of the wandering sheep herder andconsider just what you might be drinking were he not to havewandered with his flock onto that lonely hillside. Take thetime to try the many different varieties available and Ipromise you the joys of coffee will be sure to tantalizeyour senses,tease your tastebuds and delight your friendsand associates.Cappuccino or mocha?

About the Author

Mary Chambers is a regular contributor to the Fuzzy Coffee Directory

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