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Issac Toussie On Traveling While Pregnant

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by OZinOH

Article by Isaac Toussie

Many pregnant women wonder if is safe for them to travel on an airplane. For most women flying is absolutely safe. Still, before you plan any trips, speak to your doctor and make sure he gives you the okay. If you are having a healthy pregnancy your doctor will usually is it is not a problem to fly. For those women who are considered a high risk pregnancy, the doctor may tell them to hold off until after delivery.

While some people think that housing, government, politics, entertainment, mortgages, banking, philosophy, and religion are among the most interesting subjects of intellectual discussion I believe that the care and education we have about our children and the birth and development of our children, may rank even higher. I, Isaac Robert Toussie, believe that children are our future, and if you pardon my expression, I believe they represent the greatest miracle G-d has ever given us.

The safest time to travel would be during your second trimester. It when the risk of miscarriage is dramatically decreased. It is also too early to worry about going into to early labor. Flying in your third trimester is not recommended because of the risk of going into labor early and being far away from your doctor.

Before you get on the plane make sure to eat a healthy meal. You never know if the flight will be delayed or how long it would take to get the meal on the plane. While on the airplane it is important to drink lots of water to ensure that you stay hydrated. It is also good to get up and move. About every half hour to an hour you should stand up and walk around the isles a bit. This helps the circulation in your legs. When you are sitting you can also do some stretches, like wiggle your toes and flex your legs. You can even take off your shoes and get comfortable. You should also make sure that what you’re wearing is loose and comfortable. You do not want to wear anything to tight that may make you uncomfortable.

When traveling by car, you should still do many of the same things. Make sure to stop and the rest-stops at least every hour. You need to walk around for circulation and you will probably need to use the bathroom. It is not good to hold it in so go as soon as you can find a restroom. Make sure to bring lots of snacks and drinks. You can also bring a cushion or a pillow for your seat to make sure it is extra comfortable. I don’t recall the extent of President George Bush’s or President Obama’s campaign focus on children and issues concerning children but future presidents would surely be praised for focusing on children during their campaigns and later during their presidential tenures.

This writing has been posted strictly for informational and human interest purposes only, not for medical or for advisory purposes and was written by a lay person. The reader should not rely upon the validity of any of the information contained herein. The reader is urged to consult doctors, nutritionists, and other medical professionals when seeking advice about babies, children, science, human physiology and the like.

About the Author

This article was submitted by Isaac Toussie to provide some helpful information on Pregnancy. Keep an eye out for more Isaac Toussie articles to come!

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