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It is all about the WHY

Article by Peter Grimes

If you have been in network marketing for a while or even have previously been involved in a networking or MLM company, no doubt you have been asked to think about your reason WHY. And WHY (pardon the pun) do you think that is? Surely it has more to do with the money and the things that that money can buy?

Well I am here to tell you that they had it right all along! You see, it really is all about YOUR REASON WHY! Note I said, your reason why and not that or your sponsor, not that of your upline leader and not that of your best friend. When it’s all said and done and the dust settles, it really is all about YOUR REASON WHY.

Believe me, without a strong and well defined reason why, it really doesn’t matter what you do after that, success will evade you because you are simply going through the motions without the fuel that is available to drive you on and that fuel is your passion.

Your reason why could very easily be called your passion. This is truly an amazing thing when you UNLEASH this passion into your life. Give it the freedom to allow you to express the real you behind the mask of life.

You see, it really isn’t about the money or the cars or the homes or the holidays, it really is all about what drives you, your passion, and your very personal reason WHY. In fact this is so important, I would strongly suggest that you don’t take another step until you have this sorted. After all, how do you know where you are headed if you are continually driving around in the dark? Let your reason why be that switch that turns all the lights on to illuminate the path you must follow.

Like no other business that I have found, network marketing has this unique ability to either bring out the very best or very worst of a person and in some cases, both. It has a way of exposing us for who we really are and what we stand for and this is a wonderful thing.

I encourage you to take a moment, a day, a week, whatever it takes to flesh out for yourself once and for all, the reason the passion behind what it is you are wanting to do, be or have from this life. Take the time to discover YOUR REASON WHY.

To Your SuccessPeter W GrimesOnline Business and Marketing Coachhttp://marketing-to-success.com

About the Author

My passion is for people and to help people achieve financial freedom for themselves and their family. I have a very strong and real faith which is important to me. My desire is to be able to provide you with knowledge and free resources that will set you on your path to freedom. Married to Brenda for 6 years, we enjoy reading and travelling and of course drinking great coffee!

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