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It is going to be better when…

Article by Rick Barron

It’s actually a constant thought running inside the heads of countless Americans every day – “Wouldn’t it be nice if…” or “It will be better when…” The majority of these dreamers do not realize their ambitions because they don’t go ahead and take the steps essential to accomplish them. They sit at their desk, in front of the TV or even in rush-hour commuter traffic contemplating the life they’re going to have when they win the lottery, marry their “soul mate” or leave their J-O-B to pursue their dream through a home based business.

There’s never been a better time to start a small business however a lot of un as well as under employed Americans look at home business ownership with contempt while watching for their government give away and cursing the condition of the overall economy. Technology gives work from home workers nearly instant access to everybody and everything across the globe. As displaced workers make the decision for freelance, business owners have access to competent, extremely motivated resources wanting to support their needs at affordable prices. However, plenty make the choice to remain captive within their corporate prisons expecting a pardon.

The most profitable new small businesses match interests together with experiences, utilizing capabilities mastered in the corporate world together with personal hobbies and passions. For instance, using knowledge learned as a project manager with an interest in the delights of matrimony to start a wedding planning business.

Owning and running a successful home business requires self-control, dedication, perseverance as well as vision but no one should fear being forced to navigate choppy seas alone. Fortunately smart entrepreneurs have access to plenty of resources to guide their home business and their passion. The local Chamber of Commerce, a Small Business Development Center (, the Service Corp of Retired Executives ( as well as the Society of Home Business Owners ( are around to support the needs of entrepreneurs.

Lots of the companies well-known today got their start during recessionary times – the partnership of Procter & Gamble started within the financial panic of 1837, Burger King grilled its very first flame broiled hamburger in the downturn of 1954, Federal Express shipped their first overnight package amidst the oil embargo of 1973 and CNN invented round-the-clock news in 1980.

The choice to begin a new small business is one that must be looked into carefully, but it’s one which provides those who choose to take the step into entrepreneurship with an answer to that lingering dream “Wouldn’t it be nice if…” Transforming goals into reality calls for action; a ticket is required to win the lottery, a phone call is critical in order to plan a night out with your potential soul mate and the path to business ownership is marked with encouraging resources to guide you towards the achievement of your dream.

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