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Job satisfaction : The necessary spice

Article by Aleena Shah

Humans have a very uncanny trait of seeking fulfillment in the things they pursue. These could be their very basic needs like feeding their hunger, quenching their thirst or being a social animal, each of these tasks has its own levels of takeaways in the terms of the contentment an individual seeks from them. And when taken in the perspective of a job these come in the form of fine pay and yes, job satisfaction.But why job satisfaction from employment is so important and more importantly, why is it so hard to get it right? Well firstly, humans as a species are hard to please. Secondly, the never ending hunger for a bit more fresh and innovative also leads them to strive for the kind of satisfaction that we are talking about.The ways to achieve the satisfaction can be very different. Some of them could be:

Evolving with the trends: We all know things, and so do people, change. So changing your definition of what you consider as satisfaction over time. This will help an employee adapt to his job better.

Different people, different tastes: For a daily wage laborer with many hungry mouths to feed, job satisfaction from your employment holds different meaning than say a top notch executive that has a five or six figure salary to boast. He might have some goals that need to be satisfied on a more subtle level. An employee needs to understand the difference before you actually start comparing.

Stop blaming yourself: Go easy on yourself. Stop cursing yourself in case anything awry happens. Realizing your shortcomings is as important is as important as knowing your strengths. It is still more important not to feel bad about yourself. It all goes a long way in gaining the best from your job.

Forgive and Forget: Learn to pardon others who might have seemed to interrupt or impair your chances of career progress. Holding something against someone might satisfy you, but will be negative to you in the long run. You need to understand that you cannot be in everybody’s good books.Positivity is the way forward: There is always a silver side to things and to get the best from your job, you need to see this side. Barring the negative thoughts will also augment your efficiency and help focus on your job better.

These above tips can only help you if you go ahead with them keeping yourself and your strengths and weakness in mind.

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