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Johannesburg Conference Venues Are Around Every Corner

Article by Gert Demsky

Johannesburg conference venues are all around in the greater Johannesburg area ranging from small and intimate, to the very big venues in a position to provide for a thousand plus individuals.

Selecting Johannesburg conference venues, quite often results in disappointment by the customer, because the client had not properly considered the objective of the conference or just what facilities and ambience was required. Arranging a successful meeting is not only about enough chairs, the people to attend and open ears and minds. It entails more from the organiser to ensure a successful and lasting conference in the minds of the delegates. The first thing to consider in looking for Johannesburg conference venues will be the intent and topic of the convention.

Choosing the ultimate venue for the exact purpose and theme of a conference is vital if you would like the conference to be a booming success, particularly if were to repeat the conference in the future. Having a conference on cattle insemination in a bling and glitter venue, would more than likely be less successful than having it in a more rustic environment, which rather more pertains to this issue at hand.

Having decided the location of the conference you have to be sure that the venue is large enough for your intended purpose. Squeezing 300 men and women into a 150 delegate venue just because it has the right location and ambiance, is really not going to work. The facilities offered by Johannesburg conference venues, must match your requirements. Not only must the audio visual equipment on offer satisfy your requirements, but also the other facilities. It starts off with vehicle parking – are there sufficiently safety and space available for the delegates to park? Is the actual conference room commodious enough and are the seating arrangements appropriate to your conference, and what about lighting and ac being acceptable? Are there sufficient break away rooms accessible for meetings etc.? Are there enough toilet facilities readily available, and if it is a stay over conference, are the rooms in line with requirements? What about secretarial services – are there telephones available for calls by and messages to the delegates? How about online connections and fax lines? What about food catering – are the meals and snacks on offer in line with the expectations of the delegates? What about leisure time – are there facilities available to cater for leisure time of the delegates? What about the admin arrangements – when and how is payment to be made? Who is to pay for what and how is payment to be effected – are bank cards, credit cards and EFT facilities available? Yes, you are now tired of all the ‘what about’ questions, but that is what it is about. (Pardon the pun!) A successful conference needs to meet not only your objectives as an organiser, but most importantly, it also has to meet with the expectations of the delegates.

Johannesburg conference venues can satisfy all of your most rigid prerequisites, provided you have a plan and you work and check that strategy. When your offered conference was a resounding success, you will know that you answered all the ‘what about’ questions properly and the venue finally chosen, managed to match those.

For more information about Johannesburg conference venues and also conference centre, click the relevant link

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