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Keep Dry With A Poly Tarp

Article by Robert Page

The thing about a poly tarp is once you’ve had one, you will always have one. To be without one can no longer be an option. They’re the handiest things since the riding lawn mower, only with numerous more uses. They can prolong the life of many of your already existing handy gadgets. In fact, ‘poly tarp use’ is only limited by the owners’ imagination. From temporary roof patch, to picnic shade, to motorcycle insulater, they are an invaluable asset to any home.

Yes, a poly tarp is a multi-tasker at your command. They redeem their price over and over and over again. To list the many different types of tarps, or tarpaulins, is just too much for this article, there are websites devoted to that. But the many uses, now that’s a poly tarp’s shining achievement. So let’s take, for instance, just one farm with a house, barn, and garage, and maybe a few other things as we ponder on. The owners will be Jack and Jill Tarpaulin.

Jack worked all weekend on his car, and needed to leave the hood off. It is immovable, will not go back in the garage. He grabbed a poly tarp and covered his motor securely, because it looked like it might rain. Inside, Jill was cleaning in the washroom, and accidentally busted out a window with her broom handle while backing up sweeping. She simply grabbed a tarp and covered the hole until the glass could be replaced.

In the barn, the Tarpaulins had a few milk cows that had knocked out several boards. Jack secured this with another tarp until he could get to town and get new boards. As he headed back to the house, he noticed the poly tarp over the pool in the backyard, and was proud of the job he had done placing it there. He could see that the poly tarp over the hole in the back porch roof, made from a falling limb of the Oak tree beside it, had held off the snow of winter, and all the water for the last few weeks. His porch laid dry like a desert.

Jill had moved out to their favorite spot over by the creek, where they had hung two large poly tarps and made a covered grilling area, with table and chairs underneath, and of course the grill.

On his way out to her, Jack had taken the poly tarp off his lawn mower, and loaded it with brush he needed to burn down by the creek. He pulled the poly tarp across the yard behind the mower, using it as a transport.

Pardon the little story, but it creates a picture in your mind, about poly tarp uses. I’m sure while you read this story, a few ideas of your own popped up. If you’re suddenly realizing, that a good quality poly tarp is the perfect solution to one of your own problems, then here is an excellent place to start your search.

About the Author

Author Bob Page has worked in the poly tarps industry for well over 25 years and has built up a wealth of knowledge of the tarpaulin industry.Bob can be contacted at Tarps-ToGo tel: 239 919 2923 email or the web site at

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