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Know How Canadian Pardons can Get You Rid of Your Unjust Criminal Records

Colin and Niall show you how to get a 00 bounty and then use a pardon letter to make it all go away. I should note that while Niall says no cops can get up to the roof, this isn’t true. A guard manages to get up every 5 minutes or so, the rest fall while trying to climb the ladder. o_0

pardon letter
by lisby1

In Macbeth, William Shakespeare rightly says, “This even-handed justice commends the ingredients of our poisoned chalice to our own lips”. This quote is very much true about crime and consequence in the real life. Crimes are surely followed by bitter consequences. The past criminal record of a person may be the bane of his present life and future prospects. It follows him at the heels wherever he goes. It puts his social status and professional reputation at stake. Though you have suffered just punishment for a criminal offence, the criminal record an indelible disgrace haunts you like an unpleasant dream. Here lies the necessity of Canadian pardons to help you live a normal life keeping your criminal record aside.

Canadian pardons are like a breath of fresh air for those who have long been under trauma due to their criminal record. If you have ever been charged of a criminal offence and therefore, fingerprinted, your name remains in the list of criminal records. Even if you have been graced with discharge, a non-conviction criminal record remains behind you. The criminal record makes it difficult to have a police clearance. Canadian pardons will get you rid of such unjust blemish on your forehead.

Canadian pardons come with character reference letters. A character reference letter is utterly crucial to relieve you of your criminal record. It will purge you of your past criminal offence, wipe out your criminal record and stamp your character with mark of good conduct as well as morality. The process of acquiring character reference letters is too tortuous for a common man to undergo. The applications for character reference letters are reviewed by the National Parole Board, an independent administrative tribunal with absolute authority to grant or deny Canadian pardons according to the Criminal Records Act and the Criminal Code of Canada. You need legal guidance to undergo the process smoothly.

Canadian pardons come to fruition when they are accompanied by U.S. waivers. Without U.S. waiver, a Canadian pardon is not enough to eliminate your name from the Border Services database and the records of the U.S. Customs. May be, your name is in their database because of your previous convictions and charges in Canada. Some minor offences like trespassing, juvenile delinquency, driving under alcoholic influence, etc. are little considerable for the U.S. Customs to allow you entry to the country. You will be denied entry if you have ever been convicted with a crime of moral depravity like fraud, blackmail, trafficking, drug possession etc. the persons like you who have been the victims of non-conviction criminal records need waivers along with Canadian pardons for U.S.

John Stuard who is a laboratorian writes articles on Canadian pardons. For more information he suggests to visit

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