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Ladies! For men sex is fun, fun, fun!

Article by Nicholas Busbee

Ladies! For men sex is fun, fun, fun! Sure sex or making love is the most intimate physical contact that a man and woman can experience. Two people cumming together as one. (if you’ll pardon the pun) Which is my point! Sex can and will be fun when you appreciate it from the male or (Nick B.) perspective.

Ladies… I’m gonna’ get straight to the point. The highest compliment we males can give any activity is to say we had fun. When a man tells you that you are a “fun” person to be with, that’s high praise. Trust me. I am a “real” man. A manly man. A masculine man. Mr. Man. Manny man! “The” man. Plus I just saved a ton of money on my auto insurance!

You see, to men sex is first and foremost fun. No not intimate. No not bonding. No not commitment. Sex is fun. That’s our number one emotion when not only having sex, but also when anticipating sex.

Fun. And ladies, nothing is more disappointing to a man than not having fun. Or even worse, having his fun on hold. Wait a minute. That didn’t cum out right! (having his fun on hold!) You know what I meant! Damn! Anyway….

Men literally live to have fun. Sex with women or a woman is the absolute most fun that a man can have. The more sex a man has, the more fun the man has. Just ask my trainer, Tiger “Woody” Woods. He’ll tell ya’! Rumble young man, rumble! Ahhhh!

The more sex a man has, the more fun the man has. That’s why back in the day men were allowed to marry as many wives as they could afford to support. Everyone knew. Men like to have as much sex as possible. Why? Because we like to bond? Nope. We like to cuddle? Nope. We just love you so much? Why hell yes honey!! Butt….

No matter how much we love being with you, it will always be more “fun” with sex. Dirty. Nasty. Sweaty. Sex. Are just four words juxtaposed side by side. (Single ladies, if you read anything further into those 4 juxtaposed words than that, call me!)

I think that misunderstanding is the reason some ladies may misinterpret a man’s feelings if they don’t feel a commitment after sex. Or why some of you may feel like we are just “hanging around” for the sex. I’ve been accused of that a few times. (I can still feel my pain and shame.)

These women were lovely too. All of them. I cared about them. Wait a minute. The plurality part of “these women” could make me sound “‘whorish.” Let’s make that, she was lovely. Yeah. That make me sound better. More wholesome.

O’kay. (take 2! action!!) She was the “love of my life!” I enjoyed her company to the fullest. It’s just that having fun is never far from a man’s psyche. It starts at childhood when they give us toys and no jobs. Fun becomes an addiction.

I am an average man. I speak for men great and small, short and tall, or thick like a “butterball”, we all enjoy sex more than just “being” together. Being together is nice. Sex is fun! Big difference!

On any day of the week, would you rather have a “nice” time or would you rather have fun? I rest my case! Ladies and gentleman of the jury, in closing I would like to say…

Always remember when enjoying sex with your man, that while you are feeling a lot of intimacy, emotions, and attention, your man is “down there” having a ball! Literally!

He’s having fun! And that’s what we are thinking about. You are feeling love and eternity. We are thinking, damn! this “cookie” is good. I gotta make this last! Oh no! Think about algebra, algebra! algebra! Oh hell, I’m getting a cramp. Lord not now! (please,please, please,please!) I wonder is she faking? She’s kinda loud, and I’m in the bathroom now!

Yes Grace, I know. It’s not exactly what you hoped would be going on with us during those intimate bonding moments. But that’s the reality. That’s just the way we males are genetically wired.

Everything has to be fun for us to really be content. Fun. If a man is having fun he can pretty much achieve anything. That’s why men’s greatest accomplishments are performed by men who have fun doing their work.

Men must have fun to thrive and achieve. Sex is the most fun. You want your man to thrive. Sex is the answer. Dirty. Nasty.Sweaty. Sex. Are just four words juxtaposed.

Be a lady by day, freak by night. Take your panties off in the car every now and then! Learn to enjoy sex as much as your man does. Just relax. Talk dirty. That will clear your mind! And always remember…

Man + Woman + Sex = Fun. Fun is same as Nobel Peace Prize.

Woman + Sex = Intimacy + commitment + love + monogamy + relationship + responsibility + call me + why didn’t he call me? + did I miss my period? + s.o.b. still hasn’t called + he used me! + shame + embarrassment + anger + penis envy and eventually after several tries with men =’s a lesbian lover. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Butt….

All in all, way too much luggage for a recreational activity like sex. And don’t be deceived. If you’re not trying to start or maintain a family, you are simply having sex.

Screwing. Grinding. Humping. Tappin’ that “A”! And let me make this perfectly transparent. Humping is not a bad thing. Getting that “Thang” tapped can be cathartic. (purging, A medicine that purges) “Making love is in the eye of the beholder.”

You can “Hump” and then afterwards call it love making. That has worked for me in emergencies. Drop the luggage baby! and as Maze featuring Frankie Beverly would say “Feel those happy feelings!”

Dirty. Nasty. Sweaty. Sex. Are just four words juxtaposed. Nothing else.You are feeling very, very, sleepy now….. when I snap my fingers…. Dirty. Nasty. Sweaty. Sex. Are just four words juxtaposed. Nothing else.Always remember, “Any pursuit is great when greatly pursued!”Copyright © 2010 Nicholas Busbee All Rights Reserved Worldwide

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Website: Busbee has been in Sales, Public Speaking to groups of up to and over 20,000 people, and Radio Broadcasting from Classic Rock & Roll to Hip Hop and R&B as a Radio Personality for over 25 years.Website: Live Concert DVD’s and Comedy!

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