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Lawyer FAQ

presidential pardon process
by dbking

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A ask for attorney types?
My husband broke a bone in his spine while helping lift a dampen heater. The professional plumber found it too heavy and asked for his assist. And yes he agreed to help – maybe that make a difference. Is there a case for a claim against the plumbing outfit for medical expenses? You could try and…

A ask for the lawyer within the house. So I’m playing pool at the local antechamber and.?
I go outside for a smoke and a drink of whiskey and sit down on the front step of the pool hall beside my mini skirt on. I forget I forgot I didn’t wear under pants and I return with a splinter in my…

A attorney and a blonde are sitting subsequent to respectively other on a long flight from LA to NY. The attorney lean over to?
A lawyer and a blonde are sitting next to respectively other on a long flight from LA to NY. The lawyer leans over to? A legal representative and a blonde are sitting next to each other on…

A attorney asked Jesus ‘What shall I do to inherit eternal enthusiasm?’ What be the answer? Was it a trick ask?
Luke 10 And God replied, “You shall go to work for Wolfram and Hart.” Source(s): ‘Angel’ – box series Go trade all that you have and bestow to the poor No, Jesus knew what was contained by his heart he…

A attorney be driving?
to court when he saw two men eating grass by the roadside. Disturbed, he stopped and asked one man “Why are you eating grass?” The man replied, We don’t hold any money for food. “Well then” replied the lawyer, “You can come to my house and I’ll feed you” But sir said the man, I enjoy a…

A attorney be standing within a long queue to take tickets for a play. Suddenly, he feel the hand of the man?
behind him, kneading into his back. He turned and give the man a stern look, and the kneading stopped. But a few minutes later, he again feel the man’s hands on his back. “Excuse me,” the legal representative asked,…

A attorney for child support?
I filed in july o8 for child support. my ex asked for a audible range. the hearing is not until june 09. Dont know why it would take soooo long. they said they are back up, when at first my caseworker told me it takes only a accurate 6 months for everything to wrap up. I…

A attorney is a advocate?
A university committee was selecting a unusual dean. They had narrowed the candidates down to a mathematician, an economist and a attorney. Each was asked this question during their interview: “How much is two plus two?” The mathematician answered without delay, “Four.” The economist thought for several minutes and finally answered, “Four, plus or minus one.”…

A attorney is taking assistance of an indian tribe( million salary) taking money from

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