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‘Learn Mind Power’, Said The Master . . .

Article by Harry Warman

“Learn Mind Power”, Said the Master, “If You Wish to Enjoy the Sweetest Nectar, of ALL the Fruits, of the Tree of Life”.

To the edge of the big city a wise but lowly transcendental master and his student arrive, penniless. In need of food and shelter, the student braces himself for a long evening of begging and sleeping on the cold, hard, dirty street pavement.

“There is a large municipal garden not far from here,” suggests the disciple, “We can sleep there, on the grass, even if it is a little damp”

“Not tonight, my son,” whispered the old bearded yogi, “No, tonight we ‘ll be sleeping comfortably in a fashionable hotel. And we shall dine there as well, most sumptuously”

“Pardon me, your reverence,” replied the amazed boy, “I fear our long journey has wearied your mind, and you speak of impossibilities, for we are of completely no means”. However, the wise, withered yogi just smiled and said: “Come sit with me a while, my boy”.


“Now hear this well, my child.” the old teacher, now seated on the ground, continued.

“When one focuses one’s mind, creating magnificent imagery intently on a desired matter, it must become a real thing in the world. If a picture is there, fruit must it bear.

Remember this ever.

Now I entreat you, come join me in meditation”

Presently, after a forty-minute bout of fully concentrated, feeling-packed, visual imagery processes, they both arise and journey down many streets and alleyways, arriving eventually at a hotel, the splendor of which the youth has never ever seen in his life before.

“Well . . . let’s enter.” the yogi exclaims to his amazed disciple. They barely place a foot inside the huge glass doorway, when an expensively attired gentleman urgently approaches and welcomes them.


“Greetings, travellers, I am Jas-abi, the owner of this hotel. I know not who you may be, but may I request of you, that you help me out this night, with an enormous and hurried favor?. Three of my kitchen staff, all brothers, have suddenly been called away to attend to their younger sister who was attacked by a rabid dog. Now my prized customers are becoming very angry at the delay in service.

Should you be so kind as to agree to help out in the kitchen, I’ll reward you with our finest wine and master-chef selected meals and a night in our glorious presidential suite, the most exquisite room in all the land.

“Of course, kind sir. Most certainly we would be honored to comply with so gracious a host”, responded the yogi, while his youthful travelling partner stood frozen and dumbstruck.


“What . . . When . . .How on earth did that happen? How could you have known such a thing would take place? I could not have considered such magnificence if I had lived to . . to . . to 137” stuttered the youth after a time. “Is this some sort of trick of the eye, some all-powerful magic?”

Laughing loudly, the wise old yogi replied, “It is not magic to those who understand the workings of the power of the mind.

When you think, visualizing, with full attentiveness upon a matter you sincerely desire, and your credence does not resist the subject of your thought, the same is bound to realize.””It is called the Power of the Mind, little dragonfly”.


“Tell me, my son, Would you care to have more friends?Would you care to have finer bread to eat?Would you care to have more triumph in your life?Would you care to have more influence?”

“Quite naturally I do, O venerable one” said the young learner.

“Then learning how to use the power of your mind can help you achieve all of that – for a far, far, better existence!” explained the wizened sage.

“Alas” cried the youth “I would know, not even the very first step to take, to accomplish so deep a task”

“I feel your fear, my underling. While many people would love to achieve more, they feel they just simply do not have the where-with-all to pursue their dear and cherished dreams and interests.

I felt the same way a few years ago. I desperately longed to achieve more wisdom and success in my personal and religious life, but just did not have the time to pursue it while praying at the ashram and teaching my many disciples as well.


That’s when I was urged to learn the right way to pursue my dreams. I knew then I truly owed it to myself!

What I discovered, what I found out, what I learnt, completely changed my life!

I learned a new way of managing and dominating all aspects of my life, using mind power. This was the most profoundly effective most life-changing activity I had ever gone through. You should do so as well, my colleague.

About the Author

I carefully wrote down all my secrets in a special detailed scripture on releasing the Power of Your Mind! Please go here http://www.learn-mind-power.com or http://www.lifetakingform.com.au to discover its deep mysteries”

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