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Lee: Samsung years may also be reduced to a small stall – Lee Kun-hee, Samsung Electronics – applian

government pardons
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Article by hi joiney

1 11 AP according to Taiwan media quoted quot Chosun Ilbo quot News reports Samsung Former president of the Group Lee 9 in the United States at the 2010 Las Vegas International Consumer Electronic Products Exhibition CES2010 exhibition venue said quot If not careful the Samsung Group after ten years may be reduced to a small stall quot And said in no hurry to return to the short term operating line Lee said quot Ten years is a long time Just a decade ago Samsung 39 s scale is only one fifth of the present is a tiny stall quot This is Lee in April 2008 announced its withdrawal from the Samsung Group after the business line after a lapse of one year and eight months for the first time appeared in public In addition to a strong sense of crisis he also stressed that first of all good enough to prepare for future changes Former Samsung Group Chairman Lee Kun hee Former Samsung Chairman Lee Kun 9 in the United States in Las Vegas quot 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show quot CES2010 on a visit to the exhibits This is Lee in April 2008 due to receive special prosecutor to investigate the line out of business after the first public appearance at the International From the left is General Manager of Samsung Electronics digital media business Lee eldest daughter Silla Hotels Managing Fu true Lee Lee second daughter Cheil was Syria Senior Lee Lee eldest son Samsung Electronics Vice President Lee in Lee said quot CES a In addition to the world 39 s most 39 people 39 there are major global enterprises all get together compare and analyze each occasion Not only in business in Education And culture in all areas of the country should control their own status and its international status the only way to the vagaries of the 21st century to survive quot Lee added quot Korean society in all fields should cheer quot Request for specific examples enumerated made clear he did not answer only said quot We think the rest of the leave quot End of last year Lee Kun hee to be carried out Pyeongchang Olympic bid get the name of a separate special pardon His successful bid to host the Winter Games on the possibility of Pyeongchang said quot Who does not know the results of this question will be how We need to do is to unite as one people and government work together quot Lee said that the night before meeting with the former the current International Olympic Committee IOC members and dinner His comments implied that he had begun to Pyeongchang Winter Olympics bid commenced activities Lee Kun hee on when to return to the operating line of questions that quot need a long time quot indicates the first line in no hurry to return to the operating position In addition he Samsung Electronics Vice President Lee Evaluation of the viability of such children said quot also need to learn quot

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