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License Suspension, Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program, Ignition Interlock and More!

Welcome to the Aftermath of DWI/DUI in Virginia!

One of the first things that hits you, after the alcohol in the blood has subsided, is that your driver’s license may be suspended for one year if you are convicted under the strict DUI/DWI laws of Virginia.

However, you are free to petition the court for a restricted license, but the granting of such is at the discretion of the presiding Judge.

So what is a restricted driver’s license?

This type of license allows you to move around in a limited manner, rather than completely stopping you from driving your car.

For instance, with a restricted license, you can commute to and from work, as well as drive around during working hours (if the trip is related to work and you have a note from your boss or some other confirmation of purpose (exactly what you want to ask your boss for, right?)).

With a restricted Virginia driver’s license, you are also able to drive to/from the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program and other court ordered probation activities.

A restricted license will permit you to drive to and from school, medical care and to transport your children to/from the same kinds of things.

If you are convicted of DWI/DUI with blood alcohol concentration of .15 or greater, then your restricted license will be contingent upon an ignition interlock system being installed in your car.

This system automatically records the driver’s BAC through a breath analyzer every time the car is started. The driver also has to blow into the breath analyzer every 5 to 20 minutes (more fun, right?)

As the Holidays approach, more and more police and law enforcement will be on the roads looking to bust drunk drivers in Prince William County, Manassas, Warrenton, Culpeper and Fauquier County, Virginia.

In fact, roadblocks are already being planned, as well as other tactics to find and apprehend folks drinking and driving. (Statistics show that DWI/DUI arrests are at their highest rates of the year in Virginia during the Holiday party season-no surprise, right?)

Remember-all of these penalties, costs and inconveniences (by the way, I haven’t even mentioned the costs of a good Virginia DWI/DUI lawyer or the exorbitant insurance rates you will be paying) can be avoided by simply calling a cab or car service, using the designated driver system or crashing on your friend’s couch for the night.

James Parrish is a DWI/DUI attorney in Manassas, Warrenton, and Woodbridge, Virginia. Mr. Parrish formerly represented law enforcement agencies and instructs law enforcement officers. His law firm offers free consumer’s guides on various aspects of the law including DWI/DUI, reckless driving, dog bites/attacks and automobile accidents.

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Question by Yahoo Answers Staff: Do I have the suspension record?
9 in 10 months. Is anyone even close to pissing off Yahoo! that much? I mean, not counting the trolls.
Not in 10 months you haven’t.

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Answer by Faith loves black butterflies★゜
your mom must be proud.

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6 Responses to “License Suspension, Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program, Ignition Interlock and More!”

  • Conceited Bastard (suspended):

    metal has been suspended 30 times lol

  • mdog:

    I would say so-that’s pretty much awesome

  • Ryan R ♥'s αℓєx & Alessa:

    No Metal Up your @ss is on like 33 or something

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    No, you do not.

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    Not even close.
    I’ve seen a dozen or more Fizzdude and Vinegar Clan accounts “oopsed” in a single DAY, the persistent little dillweeds.
    You’re nothing like them, no not at all!

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