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Louis Vuitton Handbags

Article by Emory Mccarthy

For most women, the reasons for purchasing a designer replica handbag can be summarized in 4 words: Fashion on a budget. Those that can afford to lay out $ 3000.00 to $ 4000.00 for the latest Prada are definitely in the minority. The price does not however, diminish our desire to own one. Money may or may not be the root of all evil, but it certainly is a driving force in the world of fashion.

The primary consideration involved in the purchase of a replica should always be quality. A poorly made replica will simply look like a poorly made replica. Since many such purchases are made over the internet we can only hope that the item lives up to the advertising and that the purveyor of the handbag is ultimately providing a product that has been manufactured with care and attention to detail. The higher the quality of the replica, the less likely that anyone will know the difference or even question its origins.

Once you have determined the style and design of the handbag or handbags that are of interest to you, the next step will be to research the type of materials ( leathers, hardware etc ) used in the production of the Original in order that you may find a replica that utilizes similar or identical resources.

Early replicas were made from a rubbery synthetic material that appeared realistic from a distance but would not stand up under close scrutiny. Today, one may purchase a replica that is produced from the identical leathers, fabrics and other materials used in the manufacture of the Original. By doing this and incorporating the same production methods employed by the original Design Houses a Replica will not only appear virtually indistinguishable from the Original, it will possess a similar feel, smell and longevity. Next is the quality of the workmanship with which the handbags are manufactured at the factory. Since even a good quality replica is an investment it is important to know that the wholesaler is having their product made under high quality control standards and that the seams are cleanly and tightly stitched, the buckles, snaps, zippers and other fasteners as well as decorative hardware details are all correct in their color tone and installation. The quality of workmanship and materials along with little details like signature tags and signature elements are what make a replica handbag harder to differentiate from the original handbag it copies, so look for the details not just the price.

A Warranty covering workmanship and satisfaction is very important. Good quality replicas should arrive shipped to you with a satisfaction warranty that allows you to return the handbag for a full refund or replacement if you do not feel that it meets your expectation. In other words if it doesn’t closely mimic the original, if the seams or materials are not acceptable, etc., your satisfaction guarantee should come into play.

The one risk that a manufacturer or supplier will not assume however, is the certainty that your item will pass unobstructed through customs. Most suppliers will ship such items as gifts thus reducing the risk of your handbag being held (pardon the pun ) at Customs. The risk however will ultimately be yours. It is also important that you ensure that your supplier provides you with all shipping details including the name of the shipping carrier and a legitimate tracking number in order that you may follow the progress of your package.

And finally, a consideration that will invariably be weighed prior to purchase will be price. Always remember that price is relative! Value is what you should be shopping for, not price alone. Price and value are as relative to each other as they are to quality, longevity and detail. Quality materials, superior craftsmanship, business operating costs and shipping are not free. If a supplier is offering a product and describing this product as one of exceptional quality at a price that seems to good to be true then you might rightfully question both the integrity of the supplier and the actual quality of the handbag that you will ultimately receive.

The means by which Manufactures, Wholesalers and Exporters classify or rate their products in terms of quality varies widely. In general, replica handbags are divided into four (4) levels of quality as described below.

B, AB The lowest class of Replica Handbag. Normally distinguishable as a counterfeit with a single glance. This type of replica will be found predominantly in street markets and will normally be produced utilizing the cheapest of materials and fabrics. You can expect an item of this quality to fall apart very quickly. If your requirements extend to nothing more then a Designer logo then this is probably the handbag for you.

A, A+ or Grade A replicas are also called Grade A+ and . These are of better-than-average quality. The texture is nice, as are the handcrafts and details. The entire handbag feels up-market. Materials used for Grade A replica handbags include: solid fabrics, leathers or synthetic leathers and hardware of good quality.

+, , SuperA or 5Star Replica handbags belonging to this Grade are made of imported cow leather. They are sophisticatedly made: patterns and sizes are checked carefully. They look almost identical to the originals.. These handbags are very popular with the public because of their reasonable prices and excellent quality. Materials used include: top quality solid fabrics, as well as imported leathers and hardware.

+, 7 Star, Mirror Image or 1 : 1 Often referred to as “1 : 1” or “Mirror Image”, these Handbags are near perfect copies of the Original. The production methods and stitching used are the same, as are the leathers, canvasses, fabrics and hardware. Most manufacturers of this type of handbag will physically acquire the original Designer bag and duplicate it in every detail. Employing the use of exotic calfskins, lambskins, crocodile and deerskin etc.., 7Star Handbags are the ultimate in Replica Handbags.

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