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Louisiana Public Criminal Records – Doing Background Checks Online

There are any number of reasons you may need to do an online background check for Louisiana public criminal records. If you are a business person looking to hire a new employee in this day and age it makes sense to check out all prospective applicants. Or you’re trying to find out the background of someone who will be in working in your home or have contact with your children. Whatever your reasons searching for public records on the internet makes this task quick and easy.

Before the ability to do these searches online came about the process of searching for and finding public records in any state was a much more tedious task. In the case of Louisiana criminal records a visit to the court house in which the trial or court proceedings took place was in order. Court house’s, whether federal, state, county, or municipal, were all charged with storing all their court records.

If you knew the particular court where the person you are interested in may have a record it wasn’t too difficult to find out what kind of criminal record they may have. It was simply a matter of going to that particular court house and putting in a request for a retrieval of any public criminal records for that person. The only drawback to doing it this way was having to wait at least 72 hours while the records were being retrieved.

The real problem with this method is trying to find public crime records when the person in question may have a criminal record across several different court jurisdictions. This would entail makings trips across the state to put in records requests, which takes time, energy, and patience.

That way of doing state of Louisiana public crime records searches no longer needs to be done. With the growth of the internet and the storage of court records in computerized databases searching through paper files and micro-fiche records no longer needs to be done. You can now quickly do background checks on just about anyone and find out if they have a criminal record knowing nothing more then their name and state of residence.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is to use a criminal data search website. These types of sites will not only give you access to public criminal records in the state of Louisiana but also nationwide. This can be important when you consider that many people with criminal records have them in more then one state. Being thorough when doing an online background check is vital and using one of data search service will return records and reports that would normally be missed doing a check the old fashioned way.

All the information returned when you do a search for Louisiana public criminal records is considered public domain. This means it is available to anyone who requests it, whether in person at the court house or online using a public records search site.

To learn more about online criminal records websites and to start your public records search in Louisiana click here.

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If You See Something, Film Something II: Recording Police is a Dangerous but Necessary Thing to Do

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Courts seal youth criminal records
Beijing courts are preparing for the adoption of a new nationwide criminal law next year, under which some convicted juvenile offenders are to have their criminal records sealed, making it easier for them to apply for jobs or further education …
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19 Responses to “Louisiana Public Criminal Records – Doing Background Checks Online”

  • tedotedomep908:

    Im going to be a policeman when I grow up to protect and serve not kick the shit out of people !

  • Ravcurry11:

    I’m sorry you feel that way I hope someday when you need the cops they never show up because you are not worth saving

  • xnegativax:

    yeah people “can” get up and walk away from a crash like that. and yes, he probably did have a gun with him. but hes obviously seriously injured. and unconcious.. theres no way that theyre actions can be justified. its absolutely ridiculous.

  • spoose1:

    stay strapped for fucks like this

  • GriffinMcNown:

    4:20 is too fucked

  • TheMya47:

    they made a grown man cry. of all things they should be punished just the same.

  • jimsmokesbongz:

    lol suddenyl police in england are amazing people 🙂 this video is very horrible but informative. send this to obama.

  • paisaluis1:

    this is sickning

  • polygamous1:

    its illegal in the land of the free to film the OFFECERS OF THE LAW IN THEIR LINE OF DUTYgod bless n may god help the real americans from them brutes one time america was called the land of the free cause ppl where free now the cops are free to do WTF they like n get away with it 190 degrees change

  • ganj420nl:

    i got a solution every fuckin pig needs to die

  • ganj420nl:


  • butlerguy2007:

    only about half of these were police brutality the other half were people resisting arrest

  • betheboredom:

    An ice pick or a gardening tool or something. Something that isn’t necessarily a weapon but can be used as one.

  • silencesuicide:

    FUCK THE POLICE, without that guns they are nothingm thay should be afraid of us

  • Joseph Decarvalho:

    lol if you guys think that this is bad you should all see what the tropa de elite does to the people at the slums in brazil

  • 123linedude123:

    There are obviously good cops and bad cops, but in the recent years there have been an increase of cops that are just complete pieces of shit. They want to be in power and dont give a single fuck about the people they are dealing with, even if those people arent even resisting arrest or anything. my point is they are fucking insane sociopaths the are a huge danger to every person around them. god damn dirty cunts is what they are and they deserve to be tortured

  • capaBILLity:
    11 of 12 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    An Unexpected Classic, October 23, 2004
    capaBILLity (Morristown, New Jersey) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Criminal Minded (Audio CD)

    You know,in 1986 I thought diss records went out with UTFO and SHANTE. Then I heard “South Bronx” an anthem to where hip-hop really started also an unexpected answer to MC SHAN’s classic hit “The Bridge”. I felt “The Bridge”,”South Bronx” didn’t move me at first,it sounded like a demo,didn’t seem real to me. Then SHAN answered back with “Kill That Noise”,it didn’t hit me at first whom he was feuding with. Next,”The Bridge Is Over” hits the airwaves like crazy. I had no choice but to give it a listen and damn,KRS-ONE’s dissing the whole JUICE CREW (SHAN,MARLEY MARL,MR. MAGIC and SHANTE)except BIZ MARKIE & BIG DADDY KANE,kinda put SHAN in his place on the dissing part. Still it didn’t get me into them. But it gave me a buzz. I had to hear what’s next by BDP.

    Then “Poetry” hit the airwaves. I’m like ‘oh my God,that’s dope’. Then “The ‘P’ Is Free” and then “Dope Beat” and then “Criminal Minded” and I’m like,what a record. I scooped up two copies to mix right away. I became a fan so quickly,I bought tickets to the Dope Jam concert in the summer of 1987 to see both KRS-ONE and SCOTT LA ROCK live in New York at Madison Square Garden. It never happened.

    SCOTT LA ROCK was killed like a week before that concert.

    KRS-ONE attended that concert,opening for WHODINI and L.L. COOL J and he did his thang. No lip syncing (like the headliner UNCLE L) and turntables spinning alone as a tribue to the late SCOTT LA ROCK. Performing them hits I just named that made BDP a major comeback force in underground rap music since SCHOOLLY D’s THE ADVENTURES OF SCHOOLLY D in 1985. This album went commercial on an independent label,almost impossible.

    The other songs “9mm Goes Bang”,”A Word From Our Sponser”,”Elementary” and “Scott La Rock Had ‘Em All (Super Hoe)” makes noise but not like those I’ve named in the beginning. Then they released the instrumental album of all 10 songs from the original. I’m like ‘that’s great man’,scooped up another pair. Any release was a must have at this point,even if I had it from this album already.

    Some beats were done by CED-GEE of the ULTRAMAGNETIC MC’S but he gets no credit for it (he got jerked by BDP’s label at that time). Nonetheless,this is the classic of the late 80’s. No album before or after by any rap duo can touch this album.

    I must add though,the first 10 original songs total about 50 minutes of the CD,so how can another 10 songs (instrumentals) fit on an 80 minute disc? Each of the 10 instrumental songs are shorten to 2:15. Too cheap to double the album I guess. Oh well,enjoy!

    RIP SCOTT LA ROCK,we miss you,bra.

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  • Matthew:
    3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    One of the best rap albums of all time, November 29, 2002
    Matthew (Seattle) –

    This review is from: Criminal Minded (Audio CD)

    KRS-One’s first album (along with Scott LaRock) was no doubt his finest. He was SO tight on the mic and he made other rappers look stupid. The track “The Bridge is Over” was one of the first hip hop diss tracks and it’s cool to hear how diss tracks were back in the 80s.Anyways, this is an essential hip hop album, it’s up to you whether you want the instumentals also which are included on this version, but at least buy some type of copy of this album.

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  • liveon14887:
    2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    No doubt BDP is old school but they ain’t goin out, October 30, 2004

    This review is from: Criminal Minded (Audio CD)

    Criminal Minded, the first and last album from BDP DJ Scott La Rock appeared on, stands as a precursor to gangsta rap. Though KRS would later go ahead with the Stop the Violence Movement, it’s a testimony to the violent politics at the time. Producing not only comes from Scott La Rock but Ced Gee (of Ultramagnetic MC’s) but was never credited for it. KRS guns down “Peter” the drug dealer in the gang related 9mm Goes Bang. The Bridge is Over, one of the first diss records in rap history, delivers the body blows to the Juice Crew (excluding Big Daddy Kane, Biz Markie and Kool G Rap). Acting as the East Coast model for N.W.A.’s Straight Outta Compton was the bad boy anthem South Bronx, a record which would soon initiate the battle between KRS-One and MC Shan.
    But inside KRS lurked a socially conscious individual fighting to come out. Poetry found KRS overcasting his edutainment doctrine. And for the record, BDP ended up becoming the winners for the BDP vs. Juice Crew battle.

    R.I.P. DJ Scott La Rock

    Best moments= South Bronx, The Bridge is Over and Criminal Minded

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