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Love or lust?

define pardon
by lisby1

Article by Ajit Bagora

Their naivete and innocence, especially in the area of sexual morality, evoked in me a patronizing sympathy. It is true that since that time my opinion on many things changed drastically. The purpose of this article – to see whether there is good reasons to ensure that take seriously the biblical teaching about sex.

In contrast to the commonly held view that Christians do not see sex as something bad, with what you just accept it. God created sex, and conceived it as something good and extremely enjoyable. Sex – it’s not just a means to conceive: it was conceived as a passionate and brilliant expression of love that brings joy. In addition, God has provided and the context for sex – life-long marriage between one man and one woman. Modern East European and Western culture almost abandoned the idea. Should Christians and abandon it as of no current, inadequate, inappropriate age, or whether this idea is a timeless principles?Good advice: practical reasons for building relationships in God’s plan

From a practical point of view of God’s purpose of sex has many advantages. It protects against sexually transmitted diseases through, which is important for us and it is extremely important for those parts of the world where AIDS victims are entire communities that detrimental effect on the economy. It also protects against unwanted pregnancy out of wedlock.

If sex takes place only within marriage, it helps avoid painful and damaging to compare different sexual partners, as well as cases where one partner is in love, and the other is only interested in the banal orgasm.

One last thing: sexual urges and desires can cause dependence. Someone once said that sexual desire have the Ferrari engine and brakes bicycle. If you initiate and nurture an unhealthy sexual desires will be increasingly difficult to remain faithful in marriage, and infidelity brings terrible emotional torment. Statistics of divorce reflects the impact of modern sexual values.Good advice: ideological reasons

Practical reasons in themselves – just a good reason to support the biblical teachings about sex. However, there are more fundamental reasons to postpone sexual activity until marriage. God created sex, not just for the fact that we get an orgasm, sex – is an expression of love and physical intimacy.

Sexual relations – an important and meaningful event. If you use them inappropriately, the consequences could be disastrous and devastating. As an example, I want to bring the story of how one man has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of your lawnmower. The fact that a man was seriously injured trying to cut the hedge with lawn mowers, and therefore claimed that the instructions did not say that you can not use a lawn mower for that purpose. The same can be said about sex: he has a unique purpose, but use this powerful tool is not for “the manufacturer’s instructions” might entail serious consequences.

To understand the biblical view of sex, it is necessary to understand the difference between love and lust. Love honors and respects the object of his love, looking for him the very best, totally focused on it. In love there is no selfishness, it is sacrificial and completely connected with the dedication. Lust, on the contrary, seeks to use things or people to meet their own needs and indulge their own desires. Lust thinks only of himself, essentially selfish, and rejects commitment.

Love and lust – the complete opposite. They are in direct contradiction to each other. Ask yourself the question, to check whether your sexual relationship a manifestation of love or lust: “Do I want to honor and appreciate you, giving himself to you?” Or “Do I want to use you as a means of satisfying my desire, a means to achieve orgasm? Do I want to receive from you is what I want? “If God really thought of sex as an expression of love, then use it for the sake of lust – a thin and highly dangerous deception.Good advice: The role of marriage

Marriage – it’s a deep mystery, the connection between two people into one. It does not guarantee love and does not lead to its appearance, but if you take it seriously as an unconditional promise of fidelity and devotion all his life, it helps to distinguish between love and lust. As a litmus test shows the presence of acid, and the marriage shows the presence of initiation. How do I know enough if we love someone, to join with him in sexual relations? Just answer the question that defines marriage: if you want to dedicate myself to this man for life?

Marriage – it is also protection, a sort of tether. Nobody is perfect, all fallible. So how can we be confident in the love of a partner, considering all our shortcomings and missteps? Where are the guarantees? The answer will again be initiated. If there is no dedication – love is not real, and sex is reduced to a physical orgasm, to get that from a technical point of view of partner is not required.Good advice: conclusion

Lust has the power and temptation, but it is fundamentally selfish, and absolutely the opposite of love. If you pop it all fresh and new foods, encourage and nurture it, we are inevitably going to fall into loneliness, isolation, insecurity and emptiness. What will happen when orgasm becomes commonplace, when not bring the old address when we stay alone with the pain of guilt and loneliness?

Love and dedication – a very expensive and hard work that you want to honor, respect, forgiveness and sacrifice. And yet, this is a real opportunity to get rid of loneliness, suspicion and despair, plagued modernity. If a substitute for love lust, we will only meaningless sensation which eventually loses its novelty and do not bring anything other than physical satisfaction.

God intended us to be free men from the power and bondage of lust, who knows true love. None of us do not meet the expectations of God, which puts an equal sign between promiscuity and lustful thoughts. And yet, He offers us full pardon, so that we can establish a deep and personal relationship with Him. Then love in a relationship with God is designed to relations with each other. Each of us faces a choice: accept the offer of God and strive for a life in which reigns His love, or to reject Him and live in their own way.

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