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Loving My Domain Host Was Easy Until I Looked Up His Kilt

Article by Dennis O),Brien

How do you find a good Web Hosting Service?

As many of you already know it can be a big surprise when someone discovers their Domain Host’s servers are located far from the address listed on their website. Perhaps in the back office of a cheap hotel in a country where the temperatures are higher than the core of processors running the system.

With outsourcing rampant throughout the industry how are we to choose. Of course I’m talking extremes here but anyone new to the subject must feel a little bewildered when faced with choosing a suitable host.

Well one service available is Web Hosting Search and it has a, pardon the pun, ‘host’ of reviews and tools you can use to compare providers. It can answer questions like “what’s the difference between Windows and Linux hostings, how this can affect costs and also how it affects you as a designer.

You might also find an answer to such things as what are the many different types of hosting services? There are some excellent comparisons and web host recommendations with many questions answered such as “Is it possible to have both Cloud and VPS hosting on the same server”.

With a balanced set of reviews and recommendations for each host it is a lot better than if you searched on Google or asked Twitter just to receive a bunch of three line reviews with no statistics to back up the claim.

Web Hosting Search has quite a balanced range of reviews, and I think the reviews do a good job of identifying particular issues with hosts This makes it extremely easy to get answers that go a lot deeper and therefore help in finding a balance between what is out there or if it’s right for you.

Issues that come up include not really having “unlimited” bandwidth (may not be a problem for you if your site is small), whether they provide phone support, or efficient ticket support, or the amount of downtime.

Don’t miss the “Show advanced features” button, you’ll see an overview of what each service offers as well. And if you have a story to tell click on the Contact Us email link in the left sidebar and submit your reviews. Gotta get the word out-good or bad.

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