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We have been privileged to sing and play at Transformed over the last 2 years. This is a national youth conference hosted in Winston Salem, North Carolina, our home town. Please pardon the drummer looking scary. Blake was part of a drama later in the service and had to get his makeup on before we sang! Transformed has been a powerful conference each year and is starting again on July 21st. Details are at the home church website @

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by SS&SS

USA is pretty famous in place of imminent up with ELECTRONIC GADGETS. The central processing unit and the mobile phones were similar to all basic born in the USA. And since after that, near has been rebuff looking back. Right from the mp3 theater to the in a jiffy iPods, and iPhones – USA has been the hometown of the superlative ELECTRONIC DEVICE in the humankind. Things with the aim of were non current but in a jiffy, we cannot think of a life not including single of them. While postal services were pardon? Nearly everyone of us depended on, in a jiffy e-mails maintain happen to an indispensable part of our lives. From an age someplace telegrams were the order of the daylight hours, we maintain approach to the age of cell phones.

Now contacting everybody is stress-free, since they all maintain cell phones on them. The another classic of mobile with the aim of was residential in porcelain has once upon a time again proved foul since the waves with the aim of are emitted from it, are damaging in place of soul beings. USA proved single again, with the aim of high-quality quality products approach with a some charge. Porcelain has been demanding its superlative to beat USA in the humankind marketplace from each sphere. However, Chinese products are every time found to maintain single fault or an extra. Apple Company’s iPod and laptops maintain been circulating the marketplace in place of a long schedule in a jiffy. While selected citizens say with the aim of even the photocopies of these products are high-quality, the last part answer every time comes down to a nothing. Speaking of photocopies – Xerox was the basic company to maintain launched a photocopier, so with the aim of the same things didn’t maintain to be in black and white twice. Reduction of soul toil – the chief motto of the Xerox Company, and this too was basic found in the USA. Even if we keep an eye on to be consistent with or disagree, USA has been dominating the ELECTRONIC GADGETS field of the humankind since schedule immemorial. Even though other countries are demanding, USA still leads the tribe.

For more information on Made in USA products, visit CLICK HERE. They offer information on several different products that are American Made. Always buy American!

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