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Making Music in Hindi Films – Then and Now

by rogiro

Article by Amitosh Kumar

Better Technology makes in lieu of Better Listening. Right?

There are inhabit who listen in to song, and at that moment at hand are the audiophiles — the ones who understand curved on by the sheer quality of the sound, who might or might not bear the same fascinate in song as the past arrange. Then again, at hand are about of us, who sit somewhere in the core.

I remember an old conversation back in my rock song days. Our gang, which went by the unusual label of “Rockingers,” not individual had a very talented ensemble of musicians, but we were moreover very specific of the quality of sound to facilitate reached the audience. We regularly used the (then) most excellent sound practice, which had 10,000 Watts of serious power in lieu of out-of-doors shows. A sound engineer, with a cubicle erected about 200 feet away, done the picture. We would agonize more than all single example of sound to facilitate came absent of the practice, and ensured to facilitate we had a thorough sound check sooner than some of the enthusiastic crowd members were allow in.

One calendar day, in the experimental eighties, I went to watch a Hindustani classical song concert with a chum who was himself a decent Sitar player. I believe it was a Pt. Jasraj concert. After the concert, I remarked on the reality to facilitate if Panditji had the quality of sound to facilitate WE used in our rock gang, the output would bear been so much better. To which my isolated argued, to facilitate it wasn’t on the order of the sound; it was on the order of the singer!

I reasoned to facilitate while it was exact it was on the order of the singer, wouldn’t it be so much better if we used state-of-the-art sound mixers and speakers? That way, everything to facilitate came absent of Panditji’s divine vocal chords would be realistically reproduced, in its place of being distorted by a minor quality sound practice with ordinary microphones, as was the pencil case to facilitate calendar day. Here was a pencil case to facilitate tools can help the song industry to in reality enhance the experience.

Fast bold about 20 years, and I was thinking on the order of the quality of sound and sound systems in the past again. A music-lover isolated brought up the reality to facilitate these days, song didn’t sound “warm.” While at hand are many technical reasons in lieu of this, lets take the plain ones.

Hip the bygone days, the recording used to be completed with all musicians getting simultaneously and recording on the same instance. Today, that’s hardly the pencil case. Each musician comes and records his example and goes family. The sound engineer at that moment pieces it simultaneously using center software and recording equipment on his commandment. What to facilitate kills, is the bleed to facilitate we got after the musicians played more than all other, and to facilitate takes away the “warmth” from the song.

The Hindi film industry in the 40s and experimental fifties used scores of artistes — violins, Cellos, Guitars, Rhythm section, Brass section, piano, accordions, saxophones, flutes, Sitars and other percussion instruments. Yet they had individual 3-4 microphones connecting them. So the sound engineers improvised as they went. The positioning of the microphone often firm the “mix” of the song.

The singer too was not separated from the musicians in the experimental days. The separate “singer’s box’ came individual in the experimental 50s. To help the singer understand the rhythmic and tonal interpretation, a “song violinist” would go along with along with the singer and would be the connection connecting the singer and the orchestra. And yet, the song sounded well balanced and agreeable. Sure the sounds had a allocation more hisses and crackles than I beg your pardon? We are used to at present. But the sound had a clear fuzziness and, to replicate myself, “warmth” to facilitate cannot be duplicated at present.

An pattern closer to family, if I might. The occasion was a small musical get-together on a friend’s place. We had two sound systems (mixer and amplifier) all of which can carry out 4 microphones and so we had to set up it so to facilitate the instruments’ sounds came through individual spokesperson practice and the singer’s voice came through the other spokesperson practice. My preliminary reasoning was to facilitate as in up to date calendar day recording, all track was recorded one by one, if I had a vocal sound upcoming from a atypical practice, it shouldn’t count.

To my alarm, the findings was terrible! The singer’s voice, upcoming from the other sound practice and mixer didn’t sound like a part of the ensemble on all. It was the “bleed” machine on opus. When the composite sound comes absent of individual single practice, at hand is a clear distortion to facilitate comes from the practice since of the interaction of all the sounds — which makes it sound accomplished.

There is an added machine on opus at this juncture. When I am singing in a live demonstrate, whether with a gang of using the Karaoke practice, I am fanatical on the order of the settings and personal property being useful to my voice. Depending on I beg your pardon? The settings are, I observe myself throwing my voice differently to do the effect to facilitate I am difficult to do. But after I LP a song, and if the personal property are useful POST recording, at that moment I don’t know how I must be throwing my voice to understand the effect to facilitate I famine. Hence I continually close up not liking I beg your pardon? I bear completed in the recorded version of the song, while I am moderately blissful with the live rendition. Thus, this notion of having all the musicians free simultaneously, and having SOME say in the sound to facilitate comes absent, does help.

The musicians at present make sure of not understand simultaneously to deliver “Music” some more. They go off to the studio, take part in their part, and often don’t even understand to understand how they fit into the song in its entirety. The musician must at that moment be immune if he does not take part in with the passion to facilitate he is estimated to bear in lieu of his craft. Hence, though the tools has acceptable the song to be twisted this way, it has robbed the “soul” from the song.

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