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Making your fortune on the World Wide Web.

Article by Mike A

Here’s a novelty. An article that isn’t trying to sell anything, isn’t trying to promote anything and has nothing to gain from this article except increased standing in the online community. I have a single link back to my website at the bottom of the page but I promise you I am not trying to sell you anything or trying to make ANY profit from this article. The real truth is that I will probably get rapped on the knuckles for saying what I am about to say, but I could really care less.

We have all been bitten by the bug. We are all scratching away trying to make our first million. For some of us reality is just beginning to set in. For others that reality may never become truly organic and they will waste lifetimes chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. See the truth is that this business that we have found ourselves in can be damned hard work (pardon my French) with very little reward. We are pulled this way and that by entrepreneurs who tell us they can drive traffic to our website by the bucket load or triple our earnings in a weekend. Of course we have got to pay them for the information.

My own hopes of setting up a website selling ethically and avoiding the scams that seemed to plague this industry seemed far fetched. After all, how could I compete when so many were advertising and trading unprofessionally? It seemed to me that I would have to resign myself to the fact that I was only ever going to make a small part-time wage for all of my efforts.

Here’s a thought. I know I am going to get lots of post telling me how wrong I am and inviting me to buy the latest hype on how to make a billion, gazillion dollars on-line. OK, so be it, but here’s a thought, if you’re so confident in your product then why not GIVE me a copy free. Once I have reviewed it and certified that it does what you say it does then I will pay you double the price for it. No? Oh well.

While we are on the subject why not look at some of the articles posted with a little cynicism. For instance, if it really were possible to get AdClicks for free, why would you post articles about it instead of advertising on Google. If it were possible to drive a million plus consumers stampeding to your website why would you sell the information as a substitute for setting up a website selling to a million plus consumers?

It almost seemed to me that honesty and e-commerce were mutually exclusive until I found this article Please note that I am in no way affiliated with Mark. I make no money by directing people to this article and he makes no money for you reading it. He is selling nothing and I am receiving 0% of that nothing. I just want to make that clear since I am only trying to educate and enlighten you, not scam you.

Mike A

About the Author

Mike A is a programmer and web designer.For the last 10 years he has been a teacher and lecturer of Computing and I.T. teaching a diverse range of topics from Internet for Beginners to 8086 Assembly Language Programming.He has a website at

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