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Marketing Online Gold Vs. Marketing Online Software

Article by Perry Frandsen

Most of you reading this article have been trying for a long time to make a buck marketing online intangible assets such as software or the latest money-making deal on the internet.

How’s it going?

Well, in my short online marketing experience I have been dazzled, bamboozled, wined and dined, hard-sold, soft-sold and convinced by well-meaning marketers that their way of making a million is the best.

Sound familiar?

However, I overlooked one thing in the online marketing process. I was being asked to market fluffy intangibles that would go away when the next clever marketer was able to one-up the software. The software or the program would evaporate about the time I was just getting it to market (maybe it was because I was too slow in learning the process).

Take high-ticket programs for instance; the statistics indicate the beginning of a bust. Their popularity has diminished greatly. I admit, I still market some high-ticket items, but they are not selling like they once did.

I recently came to understand, as I am sure you have too, why software and big-tickets are going the way of all the earth…it’s the economy!

Those with discretionary income are hedging their future with tangible assets such as commodities, food and gold. They are now thinking more about feeding their families than taking an exotic vacation or blowing it on the latest online program.

Confidence is lost in many world currencies and inflation has already begun to raise its ugly head! The world economy is about to get real bad!

Here’s the solution. If you are marketing online and things are not moving so well for you, consider switching to a tangible such as gold!

Gold and silver are well-established commodities and have been around for a long, long time; even longer than the computer! Imagine that!

Gold is, and always has been, a solid investment (pardon the pun). You can hold it in your hand; it is universally recognized as something of value and it will never go away.

A unique property of gold is that it cannot be destroyed! Put that claim up against a dozen software programs!

It is easy to introduce someone to gold because they already know what it is and why they need some. All you have to do is put the buyer together with the seller (like you) and you have a deal!

Most gold or silver marketers are either found in the coin or jewelry business with some marketing bullion.

Coins are valued based upon the value of its content (gold or silver) plus a mark up for scarcity. Oft times gold coins are out of reach for the average person. Quality, tradable gold coins must be at least 999.9 pure and are minted in troy ounce weights. Trading gold coins is primarily among dealers and traders and not at the corner grocery store. Value of 1 oz. gold coins is well in excess of the spot market for gold.

Most jewelry on the other hand is not of the same quality and purity as gold coins. It must be 24 ct. gold in order to meet the same purity standard as a gold coin. If it is solid 24 ct. gold, the value is at least the same as the spot value plus the value of its design. The corner grocery store also does not take jewelry as a means of exchange.

Recently a new form of gold trading and marketing has exploded in Europe. It is in the form of ½ to 2.5 gram gold bullion bars. This is tangible, certified gold bullion in “kinebars.” A kinebar is a small bullion bar encased in a credit card-sized plastic case with a hologram and serial number to authenticate its weight and quality.

The value of each bullion kinebar is determined by the spot market plus the markup from the mint. They are tradable and can be kept in your pocket, safe or in a Swiss bank. They are small enough that they can be used as currency and also as a hedge against inflation for the average person.

So, what do you think? Would it be easier in this time of inflation and uncertainty to market software or solid gold?

With the learning curve of marketing software vs. the known value of gold, my bet is on gold. I like it because it can be marketed to online as well as to offline customers; to the old, as well as to the young. And everyone understands the intrinsic value of gold. You don’t even need to know how to turn on a computer to understand gold.

About the Author

I am assembling a worldwide team of motivated marketers to market gold savings accounts. The company owns the mine, refinery and the gold bar manufacturing process…with no middle men. All you need to do is sign up free gold savings accounts and get paid every time someone saves gold. Go to for information on how you can earn steady income marketing free gold savings accounts.

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