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Maryland DUI Attorney: More Info Regarding DUI

Article by Dale Malone

A DUI (driving under the influence) accusation is no laughingstock. For an average person however charged with such, we all depend on our Maryland DUI attorney to handle all the proceedings for us. In the first place, isn’t it why they were hired? Personally, knowing what the Maryland DUI law entails to all of citizens and drivers of Maryland, it would be valuable to be au fait as well with some of the terminologies used and usually mentioned during the DUI hearing. That is to know in what course will the hearing proceed, as well as to learn the mistakes a driver shouldn’t commit throughout the police’s questioning.

Penalties. Most of us drive without caution for we do not know or choose to not know the penalties that come with a DUI or DWI (driving while impaired) charge. Let us take for example a boy playing with matchsticks. The mother says throw it away for he will be burnt. And a burnt finger is painful. The child of course will not listen. He light up the matchsticks and burns his finger. He cries and tells his mother never will he touch a matchstick again. In this case should we all have to undergo a DUI charge in order to know how it is to pay a ,000 fine or at to spend a number of cold days inside the prison?

Once convicted guilty of DUI, the driver could bid adieu to his or her driving rights. He or she should also look forward to a big amount of fine and some sleepless nights behind bars. His or her Maryland DUI attorney however could arrange for a hearing in order to challenge the court’s verdict. Should the hearing be successful, the driver’s penalties can be lighten up, that is if your attorney is good enough to make you win.

DUI per se. A DUI charge can be questioned in more than a few ways. A drunk driver is not a drunk driver if he or she is not in control of the car. The arresting police officer might be a witness but there are also points to consider in order to ascertain that the driver was indeed in control of the vehicle or mayhap been just sleeping or resting. First of that is whether the ignition or the car is running. Next is whether the driver is awake or sleeping. Third is to check the client’s position in the vehicle, where was he or she seated?. Fourth is when the headlights are on and last is to know the place to where the car was parked, was it along the road which is illegal, or on a parking area?. If such factors were proven to be present as in the case of the accused, then it is most likely that he or she is guilty of DUI.

To lighten up the discussion, first time offenders are actually given consideration, and in most cases are pardoned from the conviction of DUI. It does not excuse us however to attempt to commit DUI just to feel what it is to be in front of the court hearing and being represented by your Maryland DUI attorney. You now know what are the consequences and the possible chances you might be charged of DUI. So be cautious.

About the Author

Caught driving under the influence? Get only the best lawyers that can help you the simplest and easiest way possible. Get Maryland DUI attorney. A MD DUI attorney knows all the DUI laws of the state and can minimize your charges or avoid them altogether. Visit their site for more info.

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