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Mass Email Service- Why You Need To Be Mass Email Marketing

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by lisby1

Article by Marvella Kerrigan

Imagine having the capacity to reach highly motivated folks that are interested in learning more about your service instantly. Let’s pretend, again, we could personalize our emails to each and every single recipient, across thousands of people, near instantaneously. And then, let’s pretend (yes, I’m sure this is a lot of pretending but I’m gonna bring us back around to good ol’ reality, so just hang with me for a sec’. :)) it is possible to determine which emails had made it to their recipients, which ones hadn’t and why. Seem crazy? Well, it’s not. As a matter of fact, with something known as a mass email service, you can perform all these things and a lot more!

There are a lot of explanations why you need to be employing a mass email service…especially if you are already using other styles of promoting, like PPC, Radio, Television and printed media. The reduced expense of marketing via email, and higher ROI, are the most-often advertised (pardon my pun :)) benefits. There’s significantly more benefits of mass email marketing than just these alone, though. When it concerns some of the main ones now!

Reason number 1: folks are creatures of habit (just stay with me here for a sec). Specifically what does this have to do with anything? Well…because many people check their emails each morning. In truth, checking our mail is frequently one of the very first things which we do after we’ve woken up a little bit. But we don’t stop there. We’ll check our email several more times during the day, both at home and in the office. If you’ll permit me to make an analogy… people checking their inbox many times a day is alot like them calling you to see if you have any new offers. You might not have a new offer to make every day, but you have many opportunities every day of showing it to your potential customers once you do! That bodes well for you as well as your marketing stream!

Something that isn’t mentioned nearly enough is you can earn a pretty penny residually by utilizing other people’s advertisements inside your newsletters. Partner with some respected business owners and set up an agreement to advertise their items or services as long as they will do similar for you. You can also embed an affiliate link with your offers. Should you choose this, be certain that you’re complying with the regulations where you live concerning transparency! You may not make a fortune accomplishing this. But then again… you might!

Metrics are a significant component of your mass email service. At a minimum, you will be aware whenever your emails were rejected, and if it was because their box was full or did not exist at all (called “soft bounce” and “hard bounce”, respectively). Many mass email services will track who clicked on your offer links and, using on-site metrics, if they purchased and, if not, where they exited your web site from. You just can’t get this kind of intel from traditional marketing platforms!

Another key is that you’re empowered to be proactive in your offers. And by “push” I do not mean being pushy. I’m referring to the ability of your mass email marketing to deliver a deal or newsletter to numerous prospects rather than waiting for them to come seek you out. And, once you’ve pushed your offer out there, using metrics it is possible to monitor how effective your offer or strategy is.

Yet another benefit to a mass email service the capability it provides you with to communicate instantly with your subscribers. If you find a good deal that you’d like to let your potential customers find out about, you don’t need to waste time producing a commercial or laying out and printing a paper or magazine advertisement. There is no waiting period while your ad processes through the distribution stream. No, my friend, whenever you hit the “send” button… it leaves your machine and enters the inbox of your list quickly.

Personalization is, perhaps, the best asset of a mass email service. Let’s say that you’ve sent an offer to your own list. How hard do you reckon it will likely be to make your email stick out above the ocean of spam that will greet your subscribers’ eyes after they open their inbox? Pretty darned hard, I’m willing to bet! But with personalization features, you can automatically address each subscriber by their name in the subject line of your email, letting them know that your email is meant particularly for them. How amazing is that?!?

About the Author

There are definitely more good reasons to get involved with mass email marketing, but I desired to cover the lesser-hit-on topics. To explore mass email services or to view tutorial video clips on the subject, you should visit the iMacMailer web site for lots more material! Happy reading!

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