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Mass Voluntary Surrender

Article by DFVSDFVS

Mass Voluntary Surrender[Han Bao] was appointed the Prefect of Beiyongzhou and he was also awarded the title of General of Defense. Beiyongzhou was bordered by the northern hills where robbers and bandits abounded. After making secret investigations, Han discovered that they were all local men who terrorised the district with their outrageous crimes. He pretended that he had no knowledge of their activities and treated them with much respect. GHD MK5

“I am just a man of letters who knows very little about catching thieves. I can only rely on you gentlemen to share my burden with me,” said Han.He summoned all the rowdy and worthless young men who were usually regarded as the bane of the local residents’ existence and appointed them to be commanders in charge of various districts. If a robbery broke out in their district and they could not cgtch the thieves in time, they would be held responsible as if they had turned a blind eye to the crooks’ activities.All these newly appointed commanders were terrified and voluntarily admitted their guilt.”We all took part in the robberies in the past.”They submitted a list of their accomplices and even supplied the whereabouts of those who had fled and hidden. Han took the list and put it away. He then set up a large notice at the entrance of the Prefecture:”Robbers who come to give themselves up immediately will be pardoned. Any robber who does not surrender within this month will be put to death. His wife and children will be seized and given to the ones who have surrendered.” ghd pretty in pinkWithin ten days all the thieves and robbers came forth voluntarily. Han checked them against the list and found that not one was missing. They were all pardoned and given a chance to mend their ways. From this time onwards there were no more robberies and crime.

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