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Me To You Bears – Friends For Life

Article by Barry Summers

Most of us will have had a favourite teddy bear when we were young, and no doubt there’s many people out there who still have a favourite bear by their bed, regardless of whether they feel they’re too old or not. The fact of the matter is, no matter what the age, teddy bears make great gifts, especially for those of the female persuasion. I’m not saying men don’t like bears, but their bravado will possibly inhibit them from admitting it.

With Christmas just around the corner, and Valentine’s day not too far behind, then maybe it’s time you bought that special someone a bear to show how much you love them? Me To You teddy bears are very popular at the moment as they are soft and furry and snugly and also bear (pardon the pun) a personalised message embroidered on to their very own jumper or hoody. Yes you could say it with flowers, but how long do flowers last? Saying I love you with personalised Me To You bears will last a lifetime.

So why have Me To You bears become so popular? Also known as ‘Tatty Teddy’, Me To You bears were developed in 1987 and were redrawn in their current form in 1995. By 1999 the total sales figures for the total range totalled just under three million pounds. By 2003, this figure had risen to a staggering

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