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Immigration pardon
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Writer Born in Farmington Atchison County Kansas Hastings wrote all his life His books covered a broad range of topics chicken husbandry The Dollar Hen science fiction City of Endless Night nutrition Physical Culture Cook Book health High Blood Pressure Hastings spent the bulk of his professional life as the food editor for Bernarr Macfadden writing hundreds of columns on food and nutrition for Physical Culture magazine Hastings contributed several entries to The Olympian System a four volume set of books published by Macfadden to promote his notions of eveloping physical and mental efficiency When Macfadden started the New York Graphic newspaper Hastings wrote a series of articles on Food Health and Happiness Hastings wrote on other topics as well commerce The Egg Trade of the United States philosophy an introduction to Brann The Iconoclast urban planning promoting the linear city idea of Edgar Chambless social commentary the stage play Class of 29 and an occasional short story The New Chivalry Hastings writing was infused with both clarity and wit Complex ideas became simple Historical biblical and cultural references were frequent He got interested in many things over a lifetime Where his interest led he would learn then write and then move on Clutch of the War God Three of Hastings science fiction works are known to survive In the Clutch of the War God 1911 The Book of Gud with Harold Hersey 1919 and City of Endless Night 1920 There may be others serialized in a Bernarr Macfadden publication as was the case with Milo known works Clutch of the War God was serialized in three parts in the July August and September 1911 issues of Physical Culture magazine It was never published in book form What is known of the origin of Clutch comes from the Sam Moskowitz article ernarr Macfadden and His Obsession with Science Fiction that appeared in Fantasy Commentator in 1986 Macfadden at the time 1910 was under a suspended jail sentence for an obscenity conviction related to a beauty contest He commissioned Milo to write a futuristic fiction story promoting his Macfadden views on physical health and scolding the federal government hoping to shame officials into granting him a pardon Macfadden wrote a signed introduction to the story One of the graphics from Clutch of the War God Physical Culture magazine September 1911 There was a family connection to the Wright brothers that got Hastings interested in airplanes FOREWORD In this strange story of another day the author has dipped into the future and viewed with his mind s eye the ultimate effect of America s self satisfied complacency and her persistent refusal to heed the lessons of Oriental progress I can safely promise the reader who takes up this unique recital of the twentieth century warfare that his interest will be sustained to the very end by the interesting deductions and the keen insight into the possibilities of the present trend of international affairs exhibited by the author Bennarr Macfadden The story is subtitled he Tale of the Orient Invasion of the Occident as Chronicled in the Humaniculture Society istory of the Twentieth Century Japan has a superior society and government but suffers from food shortages and excess population They go to war with the United States successfully invading the central states with airplanes transported across the Pacific on flat topped ships Here is an excerpt But with all her material glory there was not strength in the American sinews nor endurance in her lungs nor vigor in the product of her lions Her people were herded together in great cities where they slept in gigantic apartment houses like mud swallows in a sand bank They over ate of artificial food that was made in great factories They over dressed with tight fitting unsanitary clothing made by the sweated labor of the diseased and destitute They over drank of old liquors born of ancient ignorance and of new concoctions born of prostituted science They smoked and perfumed and doped with chemicals and cosmetics the supposed virtues of which were blazoned forth on earth and sky day and night Some predictions in Clutch are remarkably accurate Modern aircraft carriers are anticipated as is industrial agriculture As a polemic the story served to further antagonize the government against Macfadden Milo continued to write for Macfadden for years to come The Book of Gud In 1919 Hastings and Harold Hersey editor of the pulp The Thrill Book collaborated on a short science fiction novel The Book of Gud with mutual friend Billy Rose previewing and dismissing the chapters as they came forth It was eventually published in Hersey s magazine Main Street issue of July 1929 although Hastings byline was changed to the pseudonym Dan Spain City of Endless Night The science fiction work for which Hastings is best known is City of Endless Night It first appeared as the story Children of Kultur serialized in True Story Magazine in seven installments from May to November 1919 The word kultur German for culture had been made infamous by Allied propaganda in World War I After Woodrow Wilson reelection in 1916 there was a concerted effort on the part of his administration to convince the citizenry to go to war A Committee on Public Information was established that produced pro war and anti German propaganda There were pamphlets with titles such as he German Whisper and onquest and Kultur There were movies with titles like The Kaiser the Beast of Berlin and olves of Kultur A review of City of Endless Night from the Syracuse Herald April 17 1921 The artwork is typical of the pulp media style of the day Children of Kultur was later revised retitled City of Endless Night and published by Dodd Mead and Company Inc copyright 1919 1920 It was reprinted in 1974 by Hyperion Press Inc with an introduction by Sam Moskowitz who edited a reprint series of two dozen science fiction classics for Hyperion Here is an excerpt from his introduction putting the work in its place in the development of science fiction Of the pioneering anti Utopian novels one of the finest and least known is City of Endless Night by Milo Hastings first published in book form by Dodd Mead in 1920 This unusual work filled with uncanny prescience about impending events was born out of the experience of World War I and the impact on Americans of imperial Germany statist creed which believed in the subjugation of the individual for the sake of the nation On all counts of inventiveness social significance narrative flow and intrinsic worth it ranks with When the Sleeper Wakes by H G Wells Messiah of the Cylinder by Victor Rousseau and We by Eugene Zimiatin all written and published about the same period City of Endless Night was written as World War I was ending and anticipates the resurgence of Germany and the rise of fascism City of Endless Night is one of the works cited in an article on iterary Propheteering by Murray Teigh Bloom that appeared in the February 1 1941 Saturday Review of Literature Back in 1920 there was another prophet for modern Germany His name was Milo M Hastings and he put his guesses in a fast paced novel called The City of Endless Night The city was Berlin of the year 2041 It had become an entirely roofed in city of sixty levels sheltering 300 000 000 sun starved humans Since 1941 the city had held out against the World State here it is again which tried to bomb it into line Hohenzollerns ruled this tight world ruled it with the blessings of autocratic socialism the perfect government which we Germans have evolved from proletarian socialism Other Hastings bulls eyes o A rigidly controlled press Every paper every book and every picture originates in the shops of the Information Staff the writing is done by specially trained workers of the Information Service o State fixed diets on a calories for work done basis o Nazi religion We supermen long ago repudiated that spineless conception of the soft Christian God and the servile Jewish Jesus However Jesus father was an adventurer from Central Asia a man of Teutonic blood o The importance of pure and un defiled pedigrees for marriage partners o Eugenic breeding o A vast labor corps whose members are trained from childhood to do only manual labor o Racial theories We have long known that all those great men whom the inferior races claim as their geniuses are of truth of German blood and that the fighting quality of the other races is due to the German blood that was scattered by our early immigrants Some say that City of Endless Night was the original inspiration for the Fritz Lang Metropolis film the classic science fiction movie of 1927 Chicken husbandry Hastings interest in chickens began as a teenager on his family farm In college at Kansas State Agricultural College he began their poultry husbandry program He built a new kind of chicken house based on plans from the Maine Experiment Station It was a urtain front house the idea being a big frame covered with heavy white cloth on the south side instead of glass windows The cloth let the water vapor pass through to keep the house drier but was as warm as glass In 1904 while still at Kansa State he began the first official egg laying contest in America It was during his college days he got the idea for the forced draft chicken incubator The goal was to incubate eggs in large numbers Up to that time eggs were incubated by the dozens Milo goal later appearing on his stationery was the million egg incubator The technical problem was the control of heat and humidity Eggs in the early stages of incubation take in heat In the later stages they give off heat Milo idea was an incubator with eggs in various stages of incubation with a fan to move the excess heat of the later stages to the earlier stages all while maintaining the proper humidity He proposed the idea to the Department of Agriculture where he was working after he completed college in 1906 The idea was rejected as impractical The Department did accept his 1909 patent Serial No 911 875 for a cold storage evaporimeter Hastings recognized the importance of maintaining proper humidity in the cold storage of eggs He wrote Circular 149 A Cold Storage Evaporimeter describing the device and Circular 140 on The Egg Trade of the United States In 1909 while still working for the Department he left in 1910 he wrote The Dollar Hen which became the classic guide to free range chicken farming The book was published in 1911 by the National Poultry Publishing Company It was republished in 2003 by Norton Creek Press and is also available on the Internet through Project Gutenberg The book is full of practical advice and Hastings witticisms On the most successful New England poultry farms warm houses for hens have been given up Hens fare better out of doors in Virginia than they do in New England but make more profit out of doors anywhere than they will shut up in houses If your climate will not permit your hen to live out doors get out of the climate or get out of the hen business There is however a vast difference in the kind of out of doors The running stream with its fringe of trees brush and rank growing grass forms daylight quarters for the hen par excellence Rank growing crops fodder piled against the fences a board fence on the north side of the lot or little sheds made by propping a platform against a stake will all help A place out of the wind for the hens to dust and sun and be sociable is what is wanted and what must be provided preferably by Nature if not by Nature then by the poultryman Hastings serialized portions of The Dollar Hen as ome Course in Poultry Keeping The series was distributed by the American Press Association and appeared in several papers in 1910 and 1911 The Hastings forced draft egg hatchery in Muskogee OK built in 1911 It contained 30 000 eggs in 150 square feet unprecedented for the time Hastings made three tries at building a large commercial forced draft chicken incubator In 1911 he built a 6000 egg incubator in Brooklyn New York for a Walter B Davis An advertising booklet avis Poultry Farm described operations on the farm Later in 1911 Hastings went to Muskogee Oklahoma and built a 30 000 egg incubator in a business arrangement with a Lieber a local lawyer and business man In the spring of 1912 Milo went to Petaluma California then the chicken capitol of the West trying to generate interest in a million egg incubator With interest lacking he then went to Port Oonner Texas and built a 150 000 egg incubator with financial support from a local businessman All these business ventures were undercapitalized and none were a commercial success While still working on the Brooklyn incubator Milo filed for a patent Serial No 624 885 for Hatchery for the Eggs of Domestic Fowl The application was witnessed by Edgar Chambless Hastings urban planning mentor Supporting documents were filed in July 1911 and further amended by counsel on May 24 1912 The patent was rejected the rejection appealed and on Dec 30 1912 the appeal was rejected The patent application was eventually abandoned In 1918 a Smith got patent Serial No 1 262 860 for basically the same invention The Smith patent was challenged in both the United States and Canada The matter was in the courts for years At first the challenges were unsuccessful Then a new strategy was tried that the Smith patent was invalid because of Hastings prior art So Hastings had a career as an expert witness This was the only money he ever made off his incubator invention The matter wound up in the Supreme Court and was decided in Smith v Hall 301 U S 216 1937 The decision confirming Milo prior art was writing by Justice Harlan Stone soon to become chief justice The decision tracks the evolution of Milo incubator ideas and his whereabouts Hastings was also interested in industrializing the raising

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