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Mortgages Rate Record Low, Use Our Cryatal Ball To Signal When To Buy Or Sell

Article by Monty Burn

Want a crystal ball? – Imagine having a crystal ball before entering the property market, now which would be nice. You can’t buy one but there are enough signs (pardon the pun you’ll get in a moment).

For sale signs – Keep you eyes open for the number of “for sale” signs down any one or two particular roads in your area for “signs” of property movement. The more signs the more movement as homeowners try to cash in on the equity of their house.

The more signs the better – There are two different signs – sign boards and observational signs. We have covered the former the latter is almost as easy to recognise with a little endeavour. If you continually see the same number of for sale signs in a road with no Sold sticker on it that is an obvious sign that the house isn’t selling.

Capitalise on observation – There are many ways you can capitalise on being observant and I certainly wouldn’t advocate “ambulance chasing” (profiting from other people’s misery). One way would be to get a low mortgages rate. Here’s how – Once you have chosen a house that isn’t moving, put in you offer along with how mush you can afford in mortgage payments.

Hey presto – You’ll be surprised what a mortgage lender or broker can pull out of the hat if they think they have a genuine enquiry. Desperate times call for desperate measures and mortgage lenders and brokers alike will go the extra mile to find the very best mortgages rate. Especially if it means the difference between a sale and no sale.

Low mortgages rate – A low mortgages rate can often lead to low and an affordable mortgage payment which is what you need to secure your “dream” home and what the mortgage lenders want to broker a deal. Remember this and use it to your advantage during negotiations.

About the Author

How would you like to discover insider knowledge of just what exactly the mortgages rate means to you? You can grab my free e-book called the Mortgage Bible that could save you thousands over the course of your mortgage. You’d be crazy not to!

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