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Murcia and Torrevieja should not be missed

Article by Peter Wilson

When you are looking at a map of Spain you can find the Autonomous Province of Murica quite easily because it touches borders with Alicante. When you are in the region you will recognize the beautiful of area of Murica because of the amazing scenery, which include the salt swamps of San Pedro del Pinatar. This area is not to be missed. You should also make sure you visit nearby Torrevieja while you are on your trip.

The capital of Murcia is also known as Murcia. Within the province you can find the Mar Menor or small sea which is separated from the Mediterranean by an area of land call Manga, which is a literal translation from the Spanish word manga which means sleeve. It is called this because the area of land looks a sleeve of a shirt. This area curves around and leaves you with a view of the city of Cartagena. You should also check out the town of Aguilas if you get the chance, which has amazing beaches. The summers are hot in this part of Spain and you can expect temperatures of up to 40 degrees high. The winters are lovely though because they are short and mild. The land in this region is fertile and many luscious fruits and vegetables are grown in this area.

You can catch an easy flight into the San Javier airport, which is only 30 minutes away from Murcia and very close to the Manga located in the Mar Menor. You could also fly into Alicante to the airport called Altet which will leave you about 40 minutes away from Murcia proper. Once you arrive in town you can check into a comfy hotel and soak up the culture and architecture followed by some delicious wining and dining in the evening.

One of the first sights to see is the beautiful Cathedral, which was built and added to between the 14th and 18th century. This means that more than five different centuries of architecture are all represented in this one cathedral. You can see Baroque influences in the door of Pardon, Gothic influences in the Chapel of Velez, Renaissance influences in the chapel of Junteron as well as the beautiful 96-meter tower adorned with 25 bells.

You can visit the Sanctuary of Fuensanta, which celebrates the patron saint of Murcia. Every Easter and during the Murcia summer festival there is a procession of statue of this saint from the sanctuary to the cathedral that is full of devoted worshipers and tourists alike.

You can organize your trip to Murcia around two great festivals that are of major interest to tourists and locals. Easter week in Murcia is a pageantry of processions. You can also visit during the spring festivals to enjoy more local color. There are music festivals during the summer such as the Sea of Music festival. You can be assured that there will be great musical performers every year.

About the Author

Peter J. Wilson’s detailed papers can be encountered on quite some online sites with information about Alicante. Working on his publications like,the reviewer showed his experience on themes corresponding to Murcia and Torrevieja.

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