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Murcia is a Large International Center

Article by Peter Mason

The independent Spanish territory of Murcia borders the city of Alicante on the map near Torrevieja within the region of Costa Blanca. When you drive through the district in your rented car, you will admire the attractive surroundings including the celebrated salt marshes at San Pedro del Pinatar. It is here you’ll realize you’re in the capital region. Nearby there is a lagoon named Mar Menor (or the small sea) which is separated from the Mediterranean Sea by a sandy spread of terrain. This Spanish region experiences very hot summers with mild and short winters

A visit to Murcia or Alicante puts you face to face with extraordinary architecture and civilization before heading out to explore some contemporary happenings such as nightlife, filled with wonderful food.A quick flight to the air terminal of San Javier and you’re about a 30-minute drive from the city. Alternatively, you can land at the Alicante airport of Altet that is about a 40 minute drive from the hotel bed that will be there for you. Murcia is a large international center with greater than five hundred thousand people. The climate is warm with sunny days and pleasant people..

Easter Week During Easter week, the parade leading to Easter Sunday and the spring festivals, Murcia is one of the most important centers in Spain. Situated in the environs of the sanctuary of Fuensanta dating from the 1700s is the patron saint. This slight figure of this good saint is always paraded about on the shoulders of the faithful from the chapel to the cathedral through a dedicated throng at Easter and during a Murcia celebration in summer.

Muslim and Medieval InfluenceWith a Muslim influence and medieval atmosphere, a celebrated gastronomy awaits you in this capital. There are great festivities, which will please visitors and these have drawn visitors to Murcia year after year spotlighting this city each summer where especially the musical enjoyment has been appreciated.

The local Cathedral, dating back from the 1300s to the 1700s is a collection of more than five hundred years of different architectural fashions; such as Baroque engraved art on the front entrance of the Pardon arches, the Gothic Church of Velez, The Renaissance cathedral and a symbolic tower standing 96 meters enclosing 25 bells.

Just before leaving this region, you have the opportunity to spend some time at the incredible beach resort in that city called Aguilas and it is here that you will leave behind the region. As you drive your rental car through the region, you’ll notice that the terrain curves around a peak in the highway and heads toward the important town of Cartagena. From your car window, you will soon see five famous blue tile domes of the Cathedral of 1623 and surrounding buildings of the famous fortress of Cartagena appears.

About the Author

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