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My stint with “Outsource to India”

Article by Global

The term outsourcing refers to trend which involves transfer of management and operations of a business process to an organization which is remotely located. Within a few decades outsourcing particularly the “Outsource to India” inclination escalated the reliance of onshore companies to outsource jobs such as help desk assistance, system maintenance and programming.As an offshore client, the prospector outsource involving the procurement of finest talent at a throw away price, seemed nothing short of adrenal rush. As the saying goes -“everything that looks precious is not always precious”, proved so correct in my case, teaching me the cardinal rule of outsourcing that outsourcing is an amazing alternative if only done through a professional outsourcing agency.

During the Christmas of 2011, my 18 years old tech-savvy nephew told me about the prospects of getting my humble local transport business online. Throughout the 25 years of my running business, I never really had to take the extra mile to promote or advertise my business. By the Grace of Almighty and of course Susan, my first love from wonder years, the business was alive and kicking. However, with the changing times, desire to advocate the business online seemed logical, particularly with giant search engine “Google “ascending to new heights.

I am an old school guy and for me vitalizing the business on World Wide Web called the internet was a new experience. I was convinced and there began my hunt to find a talented web designer for my humble, dinky project. Some of my businessmen friend often praised that how “Outsource to India” practice had helped them save a great deal of money which persuaded me to explore the same option. Being a novice to the concept of Outsource to India I was lured to a job posting on the web by a certain MR. Somebody (name concealed on request of my ethical buddy christened “humanity’) whose resume was charming, alluring, perfect , in short a glittering trap. Step one, I wrote a heartfelt mail to the concerned designer of how I was impressed by his credentials and that I expected him to become an integral part of my little project. I was further impressed by a speedy reply to my mail and soon after the exchange of note and concept my dear freelancer started his work.

I was told by Mr. Somebody that I will see the first draft of the design in a week’s time. On the day of the delivery of the first draft I even invited by nephew to give me his opinion on the design. Much to my surprise and disappointment I did not receive any mail. Two days later I got mail from Mr. Somebody that he was busy with his sister’s wedding and therefore was not able to finish the work at hand requesting two more days of extension. Another two days and still no design in my inbox, finally on the third day I receive an email telling that will not be able to finish the task as he was preoccupied with other tasks.

Left in lurch I was convinced that my stint with online marketing was over even before it took off. Feeling disappointed and battered (pardon the license of exaggeration), one morning I got a mail from a professional outsourced agency (like the guardian angel from the sky) asking me if I needed a professional website designer. Being apprehensive in the beginning I finally gave my consent. Much to my surprise and delight the entire work was finished in flat 15 days. The purpose of this write-up is to acquaint fellow novices that Outsource Services can be lucrative to your business or need if only the proper channel of outsourcing is adopted. A lot of budding designers and professionals post their resume online for freelancing assignments. Most often they lack professional commitment and relaying on them for the completion of work is sometime risky. The best alternative is so go through a professional talent management agency marked with infrastructure, professionalism and commitment

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