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Necessity of Pardons and Waivers For An Individual With A Criminal Record

Nov. 24, 2010: Newport News Mayor McKinley Price gave Virginia Living Museum Wild Turkeys a official pardon by saying…”I HEREBY PARDON THESE TURKEYS TO LIVE OUT THE REST OF THEIR DAYS IN PEACE AND TRANQUILITY HERE AT THE VIRGINIA LIVING MUSEUM!” A crowd broke out in applause as they gathered at the VLM’s deer/turkey habitat to celebrate the upcoming season of thanks and giving!

official pardon
by Myxi

With continuous technological advancements in multiple sectors, many techniques have emerged with the help of which it has become quite easier to find out the criminals associated with a particular crime. Digital fingerprinting is one of the techniques that has made the process of identifying a criminal less complicated. Unlike the examination that were done earlier, the accuracy rate of the digital mode of testing the fingerprints has been found to be quite effective in figuring out the exact culprit associated with a particular crime. Once you are regarded as a criminal by these testing techniques, it would become difficult for you to continue the same standard of social life that you followed earlier until and unless you receive pardons and waivers from the respective states.

If you commit a crime with a belief that you would not be caught, remember that the modern digital fingerprinting techniques will help the police and legal officials prove your guilt with utmost accuracy. A criminal record does not only stain your social life, but professional life as well. It appears to be an impediment for the places where you live and work. Thus, if you want yourself to stay away from any kind of criminal charges, don’t ever think of doing anything wrong. However, there is a group of people who hardly listen to their conscience and commit crimes as a result of which they have to look for pardons and waivers in order to remove such stains from their image.

Being declared as a criminal after the results of digital fingerprinting or other methods, affect every aspect of an individual’s life including his socio-economic well-being. There are issues where once the culprit has been litigated, but then again the case has been dropped. Even in such matters, the convict is considered to have non-conviction criminal record. Obtaining pardons and waivers help these individuals to manage their stained records to some extent and avoid their social and economic life from being hampered because of such charges.

As soon as pardon is issued to an individual, his name as a criminal is removed from all the systems from which it could be searched. Within thirty days of the pardon issuance, your name from the criminal records are deleted. The pardon board also issues a directive to all the federal agencies conveying the message of their action so that the databases could be updated, thereby implementing this policy properly. Pardon is issued in Canada, and hence your name a s a criminal could not be removed from the data of U.S. Customs and Border Services on the basis of Canadian issuance. Thus, to remove your criminal records from everywhere including the United States, it is necessary to obtain US waiver. This shows the importance of the pardons and waivers services in clearing the criminal charges from one’s record.

Getting a stable job that can offer stronger financial base for future is one of the most significant aims of every individual. But being declared as a criminal after digital fingerprinting test makes it difficult for the employers to recruit such

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