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No Junk Mail – Inbound Marketing

Everyone would agree that marketing to your target audience is an integral part of building your business. Sounds simple enough, but when it comes to online marketing, the avenues are endless. New web applications and concepts are constantly being developed, and with the Internet ever evolving, some can get a little muddled in their advertising efforts and go about their marketing the wrong way.

Firstly, there are two major types of marketing – inbound and outbound. These are most easily defined by inbound being ‘permission’ and outbound being ‘interruption’. If you think about these two words, one has an obviously more generally positive connotation than the other, and in this lies the secret to successful online marketing – inbound marketing, that is, marketing that is done with some level of permission and is usually specific, is what works when you’re trying to reach out to that massive online audience at your fingertips.

Outbound is on the way out

Outbound marketing is that traditional form of advertising that we all grew up with and that still surrounds us today. In fact, this type of marketing to the masses is everywhere. We all know that we can’t walk down the street, open a magazine or switch on the television without seeing it, but advertisements accost us on escalator hand rails, inside golf holes, in public toilet cubicles, even on grocery registers. Every space deemed seeable to the public is strewn with advertising – and so it is no wonder that we have learnt to turn a blind eye to much of it; which herein lies the problem with outbound marketing. Not only do people grow annoyed by interruptive advertising, you are also less likely to find that one fish that wants what you’ve got if you throw a line out into the ocean.

Get found by the people that are looking

So what exactly does inbound marketing entail? In a nutshell, it is getting yourself or your business ‘found’ by people that are already out there searching for what you’re offering. Through the Internet, you have access to millions of people worldwide, so of course (with the right strategy) you’ll be able to find the group that is hunting for you. Inbound marketing also involves giving those potential customers what they want, in order to attract them to your business and brand.

Using digital media online is the surest way of successful inbound marketing. Social networking sites are great, as you not only establish your brand and place within the community, but attract those that are interested in what you have to sell or offer. And once those people are a part of your network, they are most likely there to stay, as long as you keep on giving them what they wanted in the first place. Take Facebook, for example. As people like what they see and join your Facebook group, or become your ‘friend’, you have a ready-made relationship with consumers that want exactly what you have. Pizza Hut, for example, has more than one million fans on Facebook – not only a testament to others of their popularity, but that is one million consumers that have a very high chance of consuming (pardon the pun) whatever new things Pizza Hut offers. That’s effective inbound marketing.

Two-way = double the results

It is generally accepted that people don’t like one-way communication on the Internet. With collaborative communication one of its greatest attractions, the World Wide Web has boundless opportunities for businesses to connect directly and personally with their customers, or would-be customers. Inbound marketing makes use of this in its two-way communication. Involving the consumer means the consumer feels good, and that’s what you want. That way, your customers stick with you. Nobody likes feeling as if they’re just a number. Say you’re walking along and see huge billboard. You may like what you see, but then you walk away and may very well forget what you saw. Compare this to an online medium such as a forum, where you see others talking about a particular product, see good reviews, read the company’s notes – you’re surely much more likely to get involved and become a customer, right?

Love the one you’re with

So the idea of inbound marketing is that you are reaching those that want to be reached. You have a better chance of building up a solid and long lasting relationship with the customer, so that when it comes to marketing, they don’t mind you ‘interrupting’ them every now and again with special offers and new products. You’d be quite willing to accept a call in the middle of a night from your mum or brother, because you’d assume it was important and necessary. Not so much if you didn’t recognize the number, though. The same works for marketing – being familiar with a consumer through two-way, online communication mediums means that your ‘call’ will be answered.

Perhaps you need to take a look at your current marketing strategy and see if there is enough inbound marketing. Remember, inbound marketing not only invites the customer ‘in’, building that relationship, but you become a bigger part of that person’s online life, and ultimately lead to more a higher conversion rate.

iQuantum has developed a proprietary analysis process to online benchmark client websites against the sites of market-leading competitors and against best practice. Our online analysis is both quantitative and qualitative, and the results are presented in simple, digestible terms as part of a personalised strategy workshop. We are marketers at the roots, so we understand the importance of laying-out strategy in a bang-for-buck manner, and so we always present the business case for or against any online initiative with a quantifiable justification.

Following our analysis and strategy workshop your online benchmark is established and you will know how far behind or ahead of the competition you are. With this information we can then work with you to determine what to do about your market position and website plans. Although we have had some useful tools developed to assist in the analysis process, iQuantum is not a web development company. We don’t employ programmers or designers. Our scope is broader than that. We site between our clients and web vendors and ensure the client gets value from their online marketing investment.

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Article Source:

Google IPv6 Implementors Conference: Application Readiness Session Speed-bumps on the IPv6 Highway, panel chaired by Randy Bush, IIJ Application readiness 00:23 IPv6 porting: bringing IPv6 to Google codebase — Steinar H. Gunderson, Google 18:10 Porting applications to use IPv6 in mobile networks — Fredrik Garneij, Ericsson 28:44 Speed-bumps on the IPv6 Highway, panel chaired by Randy Bush, IIJ Panelists: Jari Arkko, Ericsson Ron Broersma, DREN Lorenzo Colitti, Google Thomas Narten, IBM Matsuzaki Yoshinobu, IIJ Closing remarks 1:15:25 Stock-taking, ruminations and retrospections — Erik Kline, Google Full Conference Agenda and Links at

Question by james281usa: How do i set up World of Warcraft on 2 computers using Netgear rp614v2?
I am trying to figure out how to set up a network to be able to run the game on 2 computers , but the router will not assign the same ports to 2 different ip’s. Have gone through the steps to set up static ip on both systems now trying top figure out how to set up router to allow botrh of them access to same application . Pardon me for being n00b to networking.
Problem is that the second computer disconnects from the server after about 3-5 of being in game. Also background downloader says it is behind firewall, though both machines are the same setup and xp firewall is congfigured.
2 seperate WoW accounts, same network , but need the ports available to both computers. Problem is that i cannot assign same port to multiple computers.

Best answer:

Answer by anonfuture
For WoW you don’t need to do anything special to set it up on two PCs. Just install the software on both PCs and it will access the servers over the internet. You will still need two accounts if you want to play on both computers at the same time though.

Only one account can be used at a time. If you are trying to login on 2 computers with a single account, then one will be disconnected even if they are different IPs.

As for the BG downloader problem, check here. You need to use port forwarding on your router to let the updater through.

OK. In that case you can’t port forward the same port number to more than one PC, but that should only apply to the BG downloader. There are workarounds though.

1. Create a shared folder on the PC with port forwarding enabled and then you can access it over the network and patch it from there.

2. Go into your router and edit the IP addresses so the other PC can download them, then switch them back afterwards.

As for playing the game on 2 different PCs, you should still be able to do that with different accounts. If you only get disconnected on one PC, it could be a patchy connection with that PC. In games, network problems are more pronounced since they are always accessing, but in normal web browsing sometimes you don’t notice it as much. Try pinging your router repeatedly and see if there are any drops from that PC. That will show if the connection to the router is the problem.

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