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No Pardons For Making These Copywriting Mistakes

Article by Tim Black

Copywriting probably seems hard and complicated but when applied the right way it can do wonders for your business. Obviously this won’t be possible if you make any of the easily avoidable mistakes we’ll talk about in this article.

All sales copy exists to produce sales, and another important function is to inspire trust in you and your business.

But many new copywriters make the mistake of using negative words or emotions in their copy. If the tone of your copy is negative, then your reader will not be in the proper state of mind to be open and receptive to your offer. The reason all this matters so much is that your copy needs to cultivate a positive mindset and emotions within readers, and negative words can interfere with that and prevent a sale. It’s just that using negative words, concepts, or ideas inadvertantly may be counter-productive to your efforts. But there are places within copy where it is necessary to have an effect of making the reader more aware of their pain or problems. Another place where it’s acceptable is in the headlines and subheadings when you’re trying to capture attention. Skilled copywriters use negative feelings quite frequently, but they have a good reason for doing so, and it’s always in support of the overall argument.

Some copywriters say the offer is the single most important part of any sales copy. If you pursue copywriting, then you’ll eventually realize the importance of words and how to choose the best ones to use. You need to show the prospect how the product will benefit them but at the same time make a strong offer. Part of the problem with competition is you can get easily lost among all the other products in your market, and powerful benefit bullets can help you be noticed.

However, you’ll have to balance your copy in such a way that you create an interest in your prospect and also not give away too much revealing information. What’s a good approach with a winning offer? One time-tested method involves offering great bonuses for ordering. Your bonuses will have the greatest impact if they can somehow complement your main product in the offer.

If you don’t already know, copywriting is totally different than academic English composition. You must make your sales copy very easy to digest and absorb without all the polysyllabic words hardly anyone knows. You’ll want to use benefit bullets in your copy because they are most effective and easy to scan. The reason for benefit bullets is they allow for rapid skimming and scanning, and well-written bullets can be extremely effective with closing sales. Apart from that, your sales copy looks more professional and has more white space when you have bullet points. It helps eliminate what is called, the black wall of text effect.

It is possible to become good at copywriting, but it will take committment and time from you. But that doesn’t mean you should make mistakes that you can avoid. Keep records of what you read, and try to keep in mind about the mistakes you read about.

About the Author

Tim Black’s websites: making your own baby food, pizza hut location, lingual braces, ralph lauren paint.

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