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Online Criminal Records Search Tutorial

If you want to find criminal records for someone, there has been no better time than now to identify the details you need from the Internet. This tutorial is going to show you how you can perform an online criminal records search using both websites that are run by the government, and sites that are privately operated. The fact is that now, you can identify someone’s entire criminal history from just a few clicks, and here’s how to do it…

Finding criminal records about any body is just a case of locating the likes of their court records, driving offenses, Sheriff’s department records and any other public records that will identify criminal activity. Not many people know this, but criminal records are all publicly available – you just need to know where to find them.

There are two places where you can perform a crime records search – official government websites and privately owned websites. The difference in these two techniques is that government operated sites are generally free to use, but are quite difficult to locate and can often be out of date. The privately owned services cost a small fee, but are extremely reliable and easy to use.

The first way you can perform a crime records search online is to use the various online government websites that are out there. These sites have been set up by the State and cover the likes of “court records”, “police records” and other individually stored criminal records. Because all US states have now upgraded their systems to host all their records online, you can just look up the various local court houses or government agencies, and identify all the records you need. To do this, you could log onto the main website for the state and they should have a list of different public records sites you can use. Although this method is free, the problem is that many of the records stored on these official sites are outdated and therefore highly unreliable – not what you want from a criminal records lookup. Further more, the time it takes to perform one of these lookups can be up to 2 hours.

The most reliable & popular way to look up criminal records online is to use one of the commercial public records websites that are extremely popular. These sites are operated by respect companies who basically scour the government archives for all the latest records they can find. They then compile all their records into a central database which they then allow you to search by typing the name of your “target” onto the homepage of the site. Their technology will then search through their database and reveal the report for you. This type of service is actually a lot more up to date than many of the official state websites, and for the fee of around $ 20, you should be able to retrieve a huge list of criminal records for any US citizen.

You can perform online criminal records search by using the tutorial on our website. You can Click Here to perform an instant criminal records search online.

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Question by : Can having trespassing on your criminal record prevent university access?
Hi there, I recently got trespassing put on my criminal record (was in a construction site, oops!) and was wondering if it would prevent me or decrease my chances of getting into university (University of British Columbia to be exact)

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The White House, having initially blocked National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice from testifying before the 9/11 Commission, finally reversed itself in April 2004. Watch as she nervously stalls for time in this time constrained inquest.

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38 Responses to “Online Criminal Records Search Tutorial”

  • PirateSygnal:

    Just a disgusting being… this rice thing; sub-human garbage.

  • lapopofighting:

    The comment I made was quoted from a song. I don’t necessarily agree with it- but Condoleeza Rice is a perfect example of what is wrong with humanity. Sally Hemmings was a much better person.

  • Chacha5678:

    so if someone gets raped that means they’re a whore? don’t compare completely unrelated people

  • Chacha5678:

    no, she’s part of basic american history

  • lapopofighting:

    And I like how you had to google the name to find out who she even was

  • lapopofighting:

    No, because she’s a whore

  • Chacha5678:

    why? because she’s black? give me a break

  • punxsutawneybarney:

    For more about Dr. Rice see my video “Condi Lied Under Oath to the 9/11 Widows”

    The widows called her “KindaLiesaLot Rice”

  • MzSiddiqui:

    I hope that justice is served one day for the war crimes that she and her crew are guilty of !

  • charigus:

    are you a woman guaii ????

  • SOUPRUN01:

    I just watched this on Farenheit 911 extras disk, It really goes well, in conjuction with the Bush press conference discussing his meeting with 911 commision. Whether or not it was inside job, But what is equally bad is using 911 as excuse get oil in Iraq.

  • Christine:

    It is not likely but stranger things have happened.

  • me:

    No. As a matter of fact most universities don’t ask about your criminal past since even criminals are encouraged to do something productive with their life.

    If you are minor that will be sealed at 18.

    If you are over 18 still you can get it expunged in a few years since that’s a misdemeanor.

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