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Open Letter: Oh Christians who believe in Trinity: Why distort the truth?

pardon letter
by tizzie

Open Letter: Oh Christians who believe in Trinity: Why distort the truth?


Christians believe in Jesus Christ to be the Son of God, the Father, the Son and Father as part of the Trinity of God: The father, the Son and the Holy Spirit (Gabriel).

But where is Your Proof?

Where is Your Evidence?

Where is you Reference?

You are unable to produce even one single index !

Will you not look for the truth then?

There is not one single proof of what you claim!

There is not one single evidence of what you proclaim! Not one single actual and real reference in reality.

You know very well that what you pretend to cannot be accepted as authentic

for there is no evidence for what you believe.

You deny the oneness, uniqueness, indivisibility of God, the creator, God All Mighty!

How far astray are you from the oneness of God who created you and created Jesus Christ

and the Holy Spirit. Do you make even His creatures, Christ and Gabriel His equals?

How can you believe in Jesus Christ as a God?

Is this not the extremity of Blasphemy and untruthfulness to God and to your own selves?

 Produce any solid argument and evidence if you are right!

What is this God who begets Children? Who is this God who comes as a Man , to be humiliated, tortured, put on the cross by a few drunkard Roman soldiers

And CANNOT Defend Himself?

Who is this God that allows Humans, whom He has created from nothing, give life to His creatures and then came down as a Man?

Do Not you see. Or are you blind to think and feal with your hearts?

What is this God that comes as a man, then allows His own creatures to humiliate them? What is this God who allows His creatures, who were nothing, absolutely nothing before, still are nothing and they shall be reduced to nothing, to allow them to torture them?

What is this God who allows his baseless abominable creatures to put God on the cross?

Do you worship this God.

I certainly Don’t.

God is the All Mighty that has assembled your atoms together and so did for Jesus Christ before you.

He is the one that gives life and death. He is Life and humans are nothing but mortals. He has created life and death, never dies and never begets anything.

What blasphemy you commit?

Then you take partners with God first Jesus Christ son of Mary, then his mother, for the Catholics, as the mother of God you take for worship?

Do you do not abstain from the horror you believe in and refrain from associating the Archangel Gabriel, the Holy Spirit with God whom He has created.

It is a horrible thing that you do. Association with God other things, humans or idols or otherwise is cursed by God Himself.

It is absolute rejection of God.

This evident in the Law which you might believe in. This is out spelled in the Qur án which you deny as true and authentic to be the divine word of God.

The Holy spirit is like any other angel, and like Jesus himself , both, like all other creatures were created by the ALL Mighty

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