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Pardon MY Gas Cost

Article by Edward W Dreibtt

Pardon My Gas Cost

On the net, says London gas cost per gallon is eighteen our dollarsper gallon. How do they manage. Is there something we should know about to deal with rising costs of gas over here. On the Net there are thousands of places giving all kinds of advise, including usingwater

That idea came about some fifty years ago, never did take off, but perhaps with new techno knowledge, it may have been vastly imporoved.The cost of a kit installation is still a bit high considering garagemechanics labour cost But it could in the long run pay off if and whenprices of gas rise even more, worse still, if it has to be rationed.

Of the many fuelsaving tips, some which are very practical, out side of parking your car and jacking up the wheels. What ever for, sell thedam thing. In my sixty five y ears of driving, I have found one thingthat works. Buy a good or in fair condition used vehicle at a bargainprice, take Your time you will find one. And, say for three thousanddollars. Spend another up to fifeen hundred to up grade it. You have saved fifteen thousand or more on a new wehicle had you bought onenew, plus any tax, lower Insurance fee, and don’t forget the immediate depreciation on it. They still look pretty good, not muchdifferent than the newer models. Those savings would buy a whole lotof gasoline.

Depends on you status in life, if you can afford to pay through the nose, no sweeat. But it still pays, even a second run about. Keep the newer one for special occasions if you must. Here is another tip, tryto avoid heavy traffic times, wasting gas at the lights, risk fenderbenders, higher Insurace costs. it all worked for me, do what ever works for you.

There are a lot of fuel saving tips, and auto up keep tips on the Netthat you can implement right now. Check out this some time, it may make your day, And it may KINDLE YOUR BRINDLE.

About the Author

My Name is Edward W. Drebitt presently retired, writer, of lyricspoems, songs, short stories, and enjoy Internet business. Have booklets published in the USA and Canada.

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