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Pardon? What? How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears

by Dan4th

Article by Danny Ang

Some dogs will let you do what you will for them without a fight and some would rather gnaw off the hand that feeds them than sit still for a simple ear cleaning. Kiwi, the Wonder Pug will spin and roll around hoping that you will exhaust yourself before you accomplish your mission, but if not, then you win and she will lie still for whatever it is that you want to do to her. My Pavlova, however is far more dedicated in foiling plans- there is just no out lasting that wiggly Chihuahua mix. Osgood is resigned that he will never make his people not do things to him, so he sits with his sad little head down and waits for it to be over.

For a larger dog, having him lie on a table will be safest for him and easiest for you. Make sure that he feels safe and secure when he is up there, and speak quietly and reassuringly to him while you work. Wrap you arm around him and grasp his upper leg area to prevent him from trying to get up while you take a look inside of his ears. Do not dig inside the ear canal for any reason, leave that to a vet. If the dog’s ear are excessively dirty, or there is any chance that you are looking at an ear mite infestation, then by all means schedule a vet check. Otherwise, take a wet cotton ball, or soft cloth and wash the outer portions of the dog’s ears, taking care not to allow too much water to get down into the ear canal itself. Continue to reassure your pet while you work and try not to be too slow about it. If your dog has really long ears, you can flip them over, but some dogs truly seem to loathe this.

As amusing as it might seem, a smaller dog might actually be harder to get a good hold on or to keep down, so you might need to recruit a helper for this one. Have the assistant hold the dog nice and firmly, maybe even wrapping her in a towel or small blanket while you are working to prevent wriggling or kicking. Again, speak gently to your pet, letting it know that all will be well in just a matter of time. Inspect the ears just as described above. If your dog’s head and ears are darkly colored, you might need brighter lighting or even a small flashlight to get a good visual on the inner ear.

Ask your veterinarian to show you exactly the best technique for your particular breed and what exactly you are looking for. Some breeds are more prone to ear infections, and dogs have more problems with their ears than cats do, so watch for signs of an impending problems. Floppy eared breeds (blood hounds, beagles, etc.) are the most susceptible to ear problems, but all breeds should be checked regularly.

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