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Pardons Canada – Getting a job with a criminal record has become even harder

Have a bounty of 5000 dollars or more and use a pardon letter to pay it off. You get pardon letters from missions so its pretty straight forward.

pardon letter
by lisby1


One of the main reasons people call us to help them obtain a Canada Pardon is because their criminal record (no matter how old the charges are) is preventing them from getting a better job or getting promoted.

Even for the most simple work, companies are doing criminal background checks and will not hire those with a criminal record.  They are even turning down candidates who have been charged for a criminal offence but not convicted.  This includes charges that have been withdrawn, stayed, dismissed, absolute and conditional discharges, as they still turn up in a criminal background check.

Here is a letter from a client we recently helped to get a Canada Pardon who was having tremendous difficulty getting work:

“I ended up with an amazing job opportunity with a large company.  I made it through three stages of interviews.”

“The job included a good salary, an expense account and a company car.”

“On my fourth interview, I found out that I would not be able to accept the job due to my previous criminal record.  The company’s insurance broker would not be able to insure me.”

“I was to say the least, defeated.  This was four years after my conviction.”

“Over time you come to terms with the events and what it had done to your life, but it never gets any easier.”

“Just knowing how much further ahead I could be in my life, financially, career wise and with my family life really hurts.”

Article from articlesbase.com

A short clip on the last letter Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester wrote to Elizabeth I just prior to his death in September 1588. The entire letter: ‘I most humbly beseech your Majesty to pardon your poor old servant to be thus bold in sending to know how my gracious lady doth, and what ease of her late pain she finds, being the chiefest thing in the world I do pray for, for her to have good health and long life. For my own poor case, I continue still your medicine and find that [it] amends much better than any other thing that hath been given me. Thus hoping to find perfect cure at the bath, with the continuance of my wonted prayer for your Majesty’s most happy preservation, I humbly kiss your foot. From your old lodging at Rycote, this Thursday morning, ready to take on my Journey, by Your Majesty’s most faithful and obedient servant, R. Leicester, Even as I had writ thus much, I received Your Majesty’s token by Young Tracey.’ Elizabeth wrote upon this letter ‘His final letter’ and kept it in her possession. It was discovered after her death in her jewellery box. An image of the letter: www.elizabethtudor.co.uk The cause of Robert Dudley’s death is debatable although he had a stomach complaint promoting the idea he had stomach cancer yet he may have also have had a heart condition.

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