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Article by Nick Parker

Each Spring many Missouri residents experience the arrival of the Ants. Ants awaken from bedding down most of the winter. Worker Ants go into overdrive foraging for food to insure their colonys survival and continued growth. It becomes clear at this point that Spring is here and warmer weather is not far behind.

No wonder that Ants love Missouri Residents. We love our homes, and so do they. Each Spring we get “antsy” (pardon the pun) planting pretty flowers, topping off mulch beds and feeding our lawns. Which in turn becomes the perfect habitat for Ants to get up close and personal to our homes. All home perimeters in Missouri have Ants. It is estimated that the ants out weigh the human population. Due to landscaping some homes will experience Ant invasions more than others.

There is nothing more irritating than opening a kitchen cabinet to find that hundreds of Ants have made themselves welcome to your food, or have covered you countertop and sink. At this point many homeowners will attempt to rid the uninvited guest themselves by way of baits, bait traps and sprays. Which can decrease the Ant population temporarily. Many of these products are detected as poision by the ants, which will only cause them to move to another entry point or even trap them in walls, attics and crawlspaces. Repellant chemicals and indoor baits can cause remote colonys to emerge from the original colony, and ultimately cause an increase in the Ant population, instead of the original goal, which was to eradicate them.

So how do I get rid of my Ants?

Homeowner Tips:Make landscaping less attractive to Ants: use rubber mulch, gravel, rock or other noncellulose materialTrim tree branches way from houseStack fire wood away from houseKeep trash cans at least ten feet from houseRemove leaves and grass clippings from around the homes foundation Caulk any known entry points especially around plumbing and air conditioners, check all door and window seals.Keep pet food in sealed containers

If an invasion occurs: Clean up the Ant trails with a soapy mixture of 25-35% dish soap and 75-65% water. This is a great knock down tool. Do not use repellant spray indoors.Do not bait indoors. Baits are attractants. Try using baits outdoors drawing the ants away from the home. Granular baits and prebaited stations are a better choice.Try to locate the nest. This is the best method but not always possible.

Ant management is rarely that simple. Sometimes the nest cannot be located or there are multiple nests. For example the Pharoh Ant, can have have hundreds of nests in a small area. Nonrepellant chemicals with a transfer effect is by far the best treatment on the market. (currently not available for purchase or application by the public) So if all else fails, call a professional. If you live in Springfield Missouri or surrounding area look up The Antman, Ken Sharp 417-880-2687 Pest Control Springfield Mo

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