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Photo Frames Too Have Fascinating Stories to Tell

Article by albert.webmaster

Had I been a human being with a cheerful disposition, my story might have brought tears to the doe-eyed ladies or any other soft-hearted persons. Still, unlike other photo frames, I have decided to narrate my journey from childhood to senile age. It will not come out in printed words or being a dumb; I cannot utter my joys or grievances. But those who can decipher the unsaid words, it will be a fascinating as well painful story to remember for the years to come. I belong to the photo frames species. I was named nothing like the humans but you may call me as your wish. I am lucky enough to remember how I was formed into a shape in the designer studio. I was not gorgeous in look at that time. Like other photo frames, four wooden arms joined each other to build up my skeleton. Several nails were driven into my body. My boney structure writhed a lot in pain; still I pardoned all of the workers without ever letting out any sound of screeching or squeezing. There were several others like me getting prepared to be prospective photo frames. The studio of the designer had a sprawling space. Frames of different sizes were stacked up all over the place. The room was always bustling with the sound of hammering and it was irritating for all of us. We, all the photo frames, longed very much to get out of there. Once the basic structure was made, all the photo frames were transported to another room for the final touch. The designer, a pretty and dignified lady was sketching on a scribbled paper and instructing to a clutch of craftsmen about the proposed designs. I along with other photo frames was draped with diversified artworks along the borders. We bowed to them in silence for brainstorming such unique designs and their implementation. The dream came true one day but I gained my freedom in exchange of estrangement from other photo frames. At the time of departure it was hardly possible to restrain the emotion. I was bought by a rich person. I went away with him in his luxury car taking in all that whisked past at a lightning speed. When I reached home, I met a cute girl. Her photo was encased within my boundary and I turned into the category of baby photo frames. Just like taxonomy, baby photo frames is a sub-division of photo frames. I was placed into a showcase. I was just like a caged bird; still I managed to smile all the time. One day I got freedom but this time too it did not come without any loss. The child took me out of the showcase and I slipped out of her hand. Now with a broken body, I am placed in a corner of a small room with all other rubbishes. Nobody takes care of me. Does human also throw away the aged persons like this? Who is going to tell the truth?

About the Author

Albert Hennessey has recently bought photo frames as birthday gifts. So he has vast knowledge on Picture frames and recommends you to visit for more information.

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