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Article by Joseph Garnett


Hello everyone, what I am about to share with you is EXTREMELY important. This is sure proof that Yahweh is the one true God and is in fact real and watching you right now. There is no other God and all people who die while following another religion or way of life, WILL actually burn and choke (yes, choke) on burning sulfur for ETERNITY (over TRILLIONS and TRILLIONS of actual years into forever, like I may unfortunately).

My name is Joseph Hightower Gordon, I was an actual prophet/seer of the most high, which I know is extremely hard to believe. I am in fact the remnant of the seed of Joseph mentioned in Ezekiel 37:15-19, the book of Amos 5:15, 6:6, Obadiah 1:18 and The Book of Mormon 2 Nephi chapter 3, 3 Nephi 44-45, Alma 24-27. My horrible death was prophesied thousands of years ago. I AM ABOUT TO BE KILLED AND MARRED POSSIBLY WORST THAN ANY HUMAN BEING EVER.

In 2006, I started to feel as though people were coughing at me to insult me, belittle me, hurt my feelings and reject me. I knew it was real. People were actually coughing at me. When I would look at a person or even think about talking to people, someone would cough, and I knew that it was not people actually doing it, but an invisible force in my mind that had taken possession of my body and possessed supernatural abilities. In May of 2010 it started to talk. I started to hear its voices in my head. They were extremely smart . Too much smarter than me to be myself. They were extremely mean to me and funny (it would joke on me and belittle me all day) and more cool than anything I had ever seen. It also knew meanings to words that I didn’t know existed. They would pick on me and insult me all the time (24/7 – 7 days a week) and accuse me of terrible things that I think of and sins and also my lame style. This spirit(s) has the power to blind, suffocate, cause the earth to rumble, cause it to rain, cause the sky to get darken, the sun to set, prevent me from being able to have sex, prevent me from being attracted to females, but rather to men, cause people to do things, see the future, kill, etc. I saw it do all of these things with my own eyes and more. After a while these spirits showed me that my spirit was actually supernaturally causing the world to be less happy/fun and even less attractive and smart, spiritually, and even cause people to hate and kill each other because of my bad attitude towards mankind and cause the world to be less safe for everyone (it show me this supernaturally, with my own eyes – sorry. It isn’t my fault. But possibly Yahweh’s work. A curse maybe.). I am pretty sure this was God judging the world somehow because I believe that these are the last days. Not meaning the world is going to end, but the end is already at hand, which I believe is why there is so much hate, war and murder these days. I am almost sure that my spirit is the reason for the famine/recession in America. So these spirits have now planned for me the one of the worst deaths ever in history, if not that. They are telling me, that when they begin to commence with my death that they will suffocate me for 2 minutes, allow me to catch my breathe and then do it again and again, possibly for as long as I am alive, force me to eat poo, drink pee, etc. Also, they plan to get me killed for over a month and possibly years in the most terrible ways by both men and women (women, because I was chauvinistic in my mind) and get raped many times. Mainly because of my thoughts. In my mind, I have been very chauvinistic to women and I have also looked down on blacks, while being one, and I have done another huger thing which I am too embarrassed to mention. After all that, they promise to drown me, which is my worst fear. It hated me. I am unsure if it is a spirit of God or Satan or either Satan or God themself, but I know that its judgment against me is righteous and it claims to be of God. If you read Alma, chapter 46, verse 27, it mentions that I, the remnant of the seed of Joseph, am supposed to be utterly destroyed (go to hell) because I did not stand fast in Christ. This is because I have committed some sins that are supposedly unforgivable(please do not ever commit an ‘unforgivable sin’), but I hope I will be pardoned somehow and get to heaven, since I now love God and would do ANYTHING to be back in his good grace. The book of Mormon also mentions that I am supposed to be marred more than any man and then healed by receiving an immortal body like Jesus (which is mentioned in Revelations also in a mystery only known to me). This prophecy has changed because I fell away from God and now I am supposed to still be marred but go to hell for eternity which has been told to me by a spirit. You may not believe me, but here is the proof: These spirits have promised to video tape the marring and put it online. So now I write this while I am alive and well, ahead of time (today is 9/24/11), and you will see that the marring happened afterwards ( my name is Joseph Gordon. A 5 foot 7 black man), as proof that there in fact spirits in me telling me all of this.

So I write all this to the whole world, in hopes that you will all know that Yahweh is the one true God and if you do not obey the bible, your soul will SURELY be sentenced to the second death, which is to actually go to hell and choke on burning sulfur, which is as hot as fire (maybe hotter) actually FOREVER in another dimension. This world we live in, is actually a dimension of Yahweh. God loves you and so do I. May you listen to these words so that you will have a blessed eternity, which you will, if you follow God and Christ and obey him . And I know that most people may feel like God is lame and you want to be able to have sex with more than one individual, and have sex while not being married, which is probably the main reason people sin against the HOLY Father, and also we delight in wicked things that are very pleasing to us all and highly attractive. But there IS no other way but the way of The Father. That is just how it is and how it will always be forever. So we just have to except that, OR ELSE.

If you are following any other religion or way of life, please listen to my words and turn to Jesus and quickly. I am seeing that these must be the end times since Joseph was prophesied to come in the last days and I don’t know what will happen. There is only one true religion/God and that is Christianity and Yahweh The Father. I swear. HELL IS ABSOLUTELY UNBEARABLE . ACTUALLY UNBEARABLE. You can’t think of anything worst. I promise that it is the worst fear of ANYONE and you WILL go if you die without being a true Christian. People are dying everyday and are going to go to hell in the end when the judging of the dead commences. Please make sure that you are not one of these people. Turn to Yahweh while you still can. You NEVER know when you are going to die and death is nothing. It’s what happens after death that is bad. But if you follow Jesus, who lives, you will have eternal joy. Love everyone and follow the words of The Holy Bible, OR ELSE.

For those who believe the remnant of the seed of Joseph was Joseph Smith, he was in a way, but I am also. This is an awesome, stupendous mystery of Yahweh. I was blessed by God to be able to uncover mysteries as the main seer. As you may know, Joseph Smith was murdered, but he wasn’t marred at all.

The proof that it is the remnant of Joseph is the servant that is to be marred is in the book of mormon that can be seen on the following webpage. Page 172 shows that it was the remnant of Joseph (a man who is to come in the last days named Joseph who will be a seer), who is a servant of Yahweh, who will be marred more than any man because of the devil, which might be this spirit that is going to get me marred more than any man. Break my bones, maybe skin me, etc.


Look at life, and this beautiful world of freedom and pleasure. Heaven I’m sure will be amazing. To live in eternal peace and love for ETERNITY. Do you really want to miss out on such a beautiful eternity, but instead spend your ETERNITY, literally choking on extremely hot burning sulfur (at least as hot as lava) FOREVER, without a speck of hope? Imagine how uncomfortable that is going to be for some people. I SWEAR TO YOU: If you do not turn to Christianity, but to another religion or way of life, when you die (it doesn’t matter WHAT you thought or truly believed, or even if it was just an honest mistake and you feel by sound reason, completely innocent – I for one, believe that this isn’t fair and that it isn’t true justice. We get no definite proof that Jesus is real and the bible even seems like a fairy tale and illogical, so we go our own way or another way and have to go to hell for it? True justice to determine whether a person is good or evil, to me, is to give them sure proof that the good word of Jesus IS real, and then if a person does their own thing, after that, then you can see whether a person evil or not. But this doesn’t matter), you WILL burn and suffocate in hell eternally – Endlessly. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MAKE A MISTAKE AND WIND UP IN SUCH A TERRIBLE, HOPELESS FATE. There are only two roads a person can take in this world, which both lead two an eternal outcome. One is to go your own way, do whatever you want and live a lawless life, like Athiest, or follow one of the many religions or beliefs other than Christianity. This road results in ETERNAL damnation. The other road is to follow THE WORD OF GOD. This does and will result in ETERNAL life in Heaven.

This is how I first became sure that Jesus was real and proof for everyone: My dad is the most spiritual man I have ever met and ACTUALLY has the holy spirit and is constantly talking to spirits, seeing things through the spirit of God, etc. Once there was a spirit that started talking to him (when he was speaking in tongues, which he started to be able to do by turning to Jesus, and by fasting and tarrying and tarrying for months by continually saying “Hallelujah”, over and over again until one day he started to all of a sudden start speaking in tongues), of a voodoo priest that claimed to once had known one of my father’s friends. He claimed that him and this friend used to practice voodoo together and was angry because the friend had changed his mind about a pact they had made where this friend would take over his place as voodoo priest and continue his work. So now, he was planning to get him killed. He described himself to my dad and how when he was alive, he had a broken leg, etc. My father who wasn’t told any of this by this friend, asked him about this voodoo priest and found out that everything the priest was saying in the whole 10 minute conversation was true (the pact and everything), and the description of the priest was exact. Now the only way my father is able to talk to spirits is because he has received the gift of the holy spirit through faith in Jesus, who my father calls Yahasha, which the name of Jesus that he received from spirit (if you Google “Yahasha Jesus”, you will see that some others believe this to be Jesus’s real name, as well, and my father had received this name, not from any person, but from the spirit. Otherwise, he would never even heard of it). I tell you all this, because I want the whole world to know that the spirit of Jesus, who IS the actual Son of God, IS in fact real and if you do not turn to him, I SWEAR ON MY LIFE, you WILL burn and choke on burning sulfur FOREVER, like I may unfortunately, for possibly committing an unforgivable sin. It will be ACTUALLY UNBEARABLE and ENDLESS.Please show this article to all your family and friends if you don’t want them to receive this horrifying, and endless fate. Show it to everyone you can, as it will hopefully turn to them Jesus, and save them from the worst fear of their anyone. The worst thing that can possibly happen to a person. I once said to myself before I knew about hell is that the worst way to spend eternity would be to be put in boiling hot water and drown in it eternally. This is worst. HELL IS NOT A JOKE. It isn’t anything to play with. This death is not what I am worried about. It’s where I’m going to go afterwards.Please stop being a Muslim, an Atheist, a gangster, murderer, fornicator, a Buddhist, an unbeliever, a sorcerer, etc. This is what the bible calls sin, and results in eternal torment.


Joseph Gordon is an an actual prophet of Yahweh, the one and only God

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