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“Practice, practice, practice”, your way to Carnegie Hall

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by JStove

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Carnegie Hall is New York’s premier concert hall and is located at the corner of 57th Street and 7th Avenue in Manhattan. It is considered as one of the most prestigious locations to host events of an artistic nature, such as musicals, concerts and dance performances etc.

The Hall built in 1891 is one of last big New York buildings, which has been built entirely out of masonry which basically means that it has no steel frame unlike the more modern buildings. The building was designed by architect William Burnet Tuthill and was sponsored and built by Andrew Carnegie who was at one time considered the 2nd richest man in the United States behind John D Rockefeller.

Andrew Carnegie was born in Scotland and as a child migrated to the United States with his parents. He was a self made man who is the very essence of a self made man with a genuine ‘rags to riches’ story. He has gifted many free public libraries to around 2500 communities. Carnegie was a prolific writer and in his work ‘The Gospel of Wealth’ he articulated his view that, ‘The man who dies thus rich dies disgraced’. He lived by this belief and gave away his fortune to various charities at the time of his death.

Another such legacy of Carnegie is indeed the Carnegie Hall which is one of four such concert halls around the States. It has an artistic programme plus a development and marketing department. During the season it has about 250 performances though since the New York Philharmonic moved in 1962 the Hall has not had a resident company.

For many going to Carnegie Hall is an entire event, from taking in the production to the after meal. There are many places around the Hall where people can enjoy some good food such as the Seasonal, the Europa Café or the Carnegie Deli. Also there are a number of garages located around which ease the parking problem somewhat in this densely populated city. However, it may not be cheap so always check out the rates before opting for parking.

The famous joke for this music and performance hall is that one day a visitor to New York has asked a local, “Pardon me, how do you get to Carnegie Hall?’, to which the reply had been ‘Practice, Practice, Practice”, which explains the importance of the Hall as a performance venue. While the performances do not come cheap, it is always worth saving up to enjoy an event as it will be one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences, which will be money well spent.

There is an abundance of hotels near Carnegie Hall New York such as the Hotel Pennsylvania, Park Central Hotel, Warwick New York Hotel and the Hudson Hotel just to mention a very few of the available options. With a little research it is easy to find a hotel or accommodation to suit individual budgets. So make sure to include the Carnegie Hall as a must see when you visit New York.

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Larry Austin is a freelance journalist who writes on travel related topics such as on Hotels near Carnegie Hall New York and worldwide destination reviews etc. He is currently working for which offers visitors the option of world wide hotel bookings.

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