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Predident Bush Must Pardon Wrongly Convicted Border Patrol Agents

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If you have not heard the story of US Border Patrol Agents,Compean and Ramos,Here’s what Happened:

Agents Compean and Ramos, were in pursuit of Osbaldo Aldrete-Davila, an illegal alien dope-smuggler. Davila had just come into the country in a van loaded down with 743 pounds of marijuana.

 Once spotted by the Border Patrol Davila attempted to flee back to Mexico.  At some point, Davila ditched the van and continued toward the border on foot.  The agents called for him to halt but Davila kept running.

 Eventually Compean caught-up to Davila. Davila feigned surrender momentarily, then assaulted Compean and resumed fleeing toward the Mexican border.

 Pursuit continued until, according to Compean, Davila pivoted toward Compean and brandished a shiny object.

 Compean and Ramos both fired.

 Unbeknownst to Compean and Ramos at the time, one of them apparently hit Davila in the buttock; but that didn’t slow Davila down.  He turned around, continued running and jumped into a vehicle waiting for him on the other side of the border.

  In what probably constituted the first instance of zealous over-kill on the part of our government, SWAT teams arrived at the homes of the two law enforcement officers and arrested them as their wives and children looked on in horror.

US  Attorney Johnny Sutton piled on the charges against Compean and Ramos when they would not accept his initial plea-bargain offer, admit guilt and receive light sentences.

 He even charged them with using a gun during the commission of a felony… a tack on charge that carries a MINIMUM MANDATORY 10-YEAR SENTENCE … no time off for good behavior … no parole … no sentencing discretion for the judge.

 Ironically, Congress passed that law to discourage hardened criminals from using guns.  No one ever thought it would be used to prosecute a law enforcement officer.

  One of the jurors cried openly in court. Later, she and another juror made a disturbing accusation. They claimed that they were MIS-instructed by the jury foreman and otherwise would have NEVER voted guilty.

 Even Sutton, when asked by Laura Ingraham if he thought the sentences were excessive, said “Yes” without hesitation.

That’s rather strange, when you consider that as District Attorney, the decision to tack on the charge was Sutton’s.

 If Sutton thought the sentences were excessive, why did he make the rather unorthodox decision to bring the charges in the first place?     

With days to go before he leaves office, time is running out for President Bush to do the right thing, answer those questions and release these brave American heroes from prison!

Tell President Bush that the railroading of Ramos and Compean is a gross miscarriage of justice and perhaps one of the most cynical misuses of power in our nation’s recent history. Tell President Bush that their continued imprisonment demeans the American people and our government.

Tell the president that these brave American heroes are

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