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Principles Of Faithfulness In Relationships

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by SS&SS

Article by Theo Amoo

Faithfulness is basically the ability to be trusted. It is the cornerstone of the character of a person. Faithfulness is not simply a set of rules one must obey. It is a matter of developing an invisible quality, a certain style and character of doing things. Faithfulness must radiate from the heart and must not just be the following of instructions. You breed faithfulness in your relationship by being faithful to your spouse. Faithfulness to your spouse involves self-control and discipline. It is for sure that nobody really wants to be with someone who is unpredictable and unfaithful.

I strongly believe that there are some principles of faithfulness every one in a relationship or intending to enter into one must know and understand. Understanding these principles will help us create a culture of faithfulness in every relationship. By the way, culture is the way of life of a group of people. Therefore, by creating a culture of faithfulness, we are saying let faithfulness be part and parcel of our daily actions: Faithfulness in our talks, faithfulness to our marriage partners, faithfulness in our promises, faithfulness in our monetary transactions, and so on. Please take note of the following principles of faithfulness.

1. Faithfulness is not based on emotions but on principlesAlways remember this: Relationships and decisions that are based on emotions rather than principles are not substantial. If you’ve decided to be in a relationship with a particular person, then it should be based on principles not because the person has lost a close relative, has a pointed nose, has two “standing up” breast, or you once promised to marry him or her (even though his or her immorality now is highly questionable), or he or she is your boss, or one way or other, you are highly indebted to that particular person in question.

Faithfulness is conked out when principles are set aside. Do not just follow family lines, example, saying, “If it’s brother or your sister, wife or even yourself, then it must be right. When faithfulness is based on principles, one tends to do the right things.

2. Faithfulness demands analysis.An analysis is a detailed study or interpretation of the information set before you. When your faithfulness is tested, you will have to analyze many things in order to stay faithful. First of all, you have to analyze the past. Anytime you analyze the events of the past it will help you to remain faithful. An elderly man once said something interesting to me. He said, “if my wife comes in and finds me on top of a lady on our matrimonial bed, with my waist moving up and down like a pendulum, and even with my penis busy in the vagina of the lady, she will only be mad at the lady, chase her out and just say to me, “its all right”.”

“Just that”, I surprisingly voiced out. “My son”, he began to explain things to me, “You see, my wife knows and understands me very well. I have never once cheated on her and she has seen me overcome a lot of sexual temptations from women. If a lady can trap me to have sex with her, then she has to use a charm and even that will be very difficult for her.” “So you mean your wife will judge you today base on your attitude yesterday?” “Smart boy! That is right”, he praised and acknowledged my analysis to be right.

The wife of this elderly man will not under that circumstance get infuriated by his actions, but still pardon him. That is faithfulness based on analysis! Secondly, in order to remain faithful over a long period of time, you will need to make a good analysis of the individual concerned. When people begin to come up with all forms of subversive stories and slanderous reports about your wife,husband or partner, think carefully about what they are saying. Analyze the individual who is beingcriticized and whether it makes sense. I am certain that many people do not think for a moment about the past. If they do so, they can remain faithful to their love ones even beyond all reasonably doubts.

3. Faithfulness will cost you your companionship and relationships.Faithfulness has a price and it’s very expensive. You will have some friends with whom you can no longer flow. The reason for this is your faithfulness to the wife, husband or life – partner. Your faithfulness to your wife or husband may even cost you your relationship with your family.

4. A faithful person does not hold back information.Consider a love one faithful if he or she tells you about any corruption or any loutish deeds that is taking place around you. If you find out that he or she knew all along, but said nothing, you should consider him or her to be unfaithful. In any institution, a good and loyal structure works by faithful people who inform the top about anything that is out of order. When you refuse to tell your husband about his sexual weakness, for example, so he could seek some medical advice, but you pretend to enjoy his sexual displays and frolics on you, then you are unfaithful to him.

At times, the truth really hurts. But the truth will always stand. Informing your partner of an insidious issue now could bring that situation to a halt and prevent it from escalating. A faithful person does not hold back information!

5. Faithfulness require a strong convincing power.To be committed to a relationship requires what I call a “strong convincing power”. It is important to establish in your heart all the facts about the person with whom you’re in love with. Be fully persuaded so that when the accusations, trials and testings come you will be able to remain faithful him or her. If you are going to be faithful to your husband, you will have to be sure about him. Is he somebody you can trust? Is he somebody who is what he claims to be?

To exert that strong convincing power that will enable your partner to be faithful to you, let all your actions be open to your partner. It said that openness breeds full persuasion. Openness about your finances, relationships with the opposite sex, as well as your future plans. Do not be a mystery person who nobody can fathom. When people start accusing, it is those around you who must be able to answer and defend you confidently and correctly. Be fully persuaded that you are in a good relationship which you have always wanted to be. Be fully convinced about your wife or husband. Before you venture into marriage, be fully convinced about it. This isessential for the development of true faithfulness.

Be trustworthy!

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About the Author

Theo AmooA young African writer who writes to spur people on to achieve their goals in life.For more of my writings, please go to www.relationshiponline.info.

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