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PTSD Dismissess When We Forgive, Forget, and Move On

Article by Risa Ruse

PTSD Dismisses When We Forgive, Forget, and Move On

Perfection in life is cut from the blueprint given by Christ you see.The secret to obtaining joy starts with forgiveness for us with PTSD.

Our bonds with fear are broken when the “Our Father” is spoken.This revelation becomes understood as a love token.

Power is released from the Divine when forgiveness has two pathways.To the equal measure of its capacity to flow outwards is what conveys.

It is when we are able to move beyond our hurts that renewal grows.The Holy Ghost steps in and pardons our sins while clemency flows.

This ability to exonerate those that have harmed us comes not from our power.It is in admitting our weaknesses to Christ that regeneration showers.

No longer is it eternal winter in our hearts.Summer is sprung with the seeds of faith where fear parts.

A tip to share is saying this supplication with a sincere affirmation.Now that we have forgiven and been absolved back continue in contemplation.

An example of such might be in saying the following refrain twice a day.”I love myself and proclaim that life is for me” and continue to pray.

What needs to be distinguished is that pardon is not situational acceptance.Yes, we are transformed from it through reciprocal repentance.

Now that we have been changed completely we need to clean out the old.This kind of closet is cleared by ridding of barren relationships that unfold.

Just like an appliance, or tool if it is broken throw it out.Then replenish what is missing with a grateful shout!

A new strategy is born out of the ashes of terror’s dominance.Destroyed is depression’s despair and created is holy eminence!

What is required is a new kind of communication system you see.We need to be thinking positive thoughts for change to be.

Faith is now the offspring of this miraculous transformation of soul.To continuously nurse and nurture it must be our current goal.

In I Thessalonians 2:18, 19 even Paul and the disciples Satan blocked.Still with their faith, the devil devises hindered them as we are shocked!

This proclamation is that from the presence of Jesus we have hope and faith abound.These are heaven’s tools to move us forward with gratitude for blessings found.

Giving praise and glory to the Son and Father will help us get rid of the past.Keeping this strategy is the lesson that will heal our PTSD at last!

Do you want to know more about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)? Contact me and I will share from my own healed experience. I am also a Social Worker specializing in helping homeless Veterans get help for their own PTSD and poverty. Family, friends, and those with PTSD contact me at: See my books on Amazon at: Thanks!

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