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Purchase A Wind Turbine: Why It’s A Bad Idea

Article by Roger Brown

If you want to purchase a wind turbine you need to get that thought out of your mind. What I mean by that is you need to start from scratch and not assume that a nail is exactly and on what you need to put two pieces of wood together.

Pardon my metaphor, but this is too expensive a proposition for you to start off with a solution in mind and work backwards to justify it. A wind device for your house may be the ideal thing, but you have to spend some time wrestling with the data in order to make that conclusion.

The Middle East situation which is resulted in much higher fuel costs and shrinking supplies is largely to blame for all this. We don’t really know where all this will lead but we know it will be in terms of much higher fuel costs and ever shrinking supplies that will result in additional fuels been brought on the same and utilized to power homes.

The cost of not getting this right could be enormous. If you were to purchase a wind turbine and find out later that you don’t have enough wind energy on your land to support it, you would’ve just constructed a very expensive lawn ornament.

It doesn’t take that much time or effort to collect some data and make sure that that you even have any business at all considering a purchase of wind device. This is something that you can get right with a little bit of effort and the easiest way to do that is to collect data with an anemometer.

An anemometer is not that expensive. It only costs about 50 and it can give you data they can save you thousands of dollars when you purchase a wind turbine. So, this is not the time to scrimp. Spend a little money and take a little bit of your effort and directed towards collecting data on what you have to work with in terms of wind resources and the profile it creates on your property.

To purchase a wind turbine is only a bad idea if you don’t know why you’re doing it and specifically what wind you have and how much energy you can create with it. You can almost information up front. There’s just no reason to do that.

In conclusion, when you purchase something as expensive as when you purchase a wind turbine, you’ve got to invest a little bit of effort making sure that it is a right fit for you and for your property.

Roger G. Brown has saved many hundreds of companies dollars on their electric power payments. Test drive Roger’s easy methods to reduce costs And also read more about Home Windmill Kits

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