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Article by Howerwesa Ldosfwe

“But how foolish of them to arrive back again if there are not any homes! Exactly where do they reside?”

“Miss Scarlett, they are residing in tents and shacks and log cabins and doubling up 6 and 7 households inside the couple of homes nevertheless standing. And they are attempting to rebuild. Now, Pass up Scarlett, do not say they may be foolish. You realize Atlanta people together with I do. They’re plumb set on that city, most as poor as Charlestonians are about Charleston, and it will consider a lot more than Yankees along with a burning to preserve them absent. Atlanta people are?abegging your pardon, Pass up Melly?aas stubborn as mules about Atlanta. I do not know why, for I usually believed that city a mighty pushy, impudent kind of spot. But then, I am a countryman born and I do not like every city. And allow me let you know, those who’re finding back again 1st will be the intelligent types. Those who occur back again final will not uncover a stick or stone or brick of their homes, since everybody’s out salvaging factors all more than city to rebuild their

homes. Just day ahead of yesterday, I observed Mrs. Merriwether and Skip Maybelle and their previous darkishgirl out amassing brick inside a wheelbarrow. And Mrs. Meade informed me she was considering creating a log cabin once the medical doctor will come back again to assist her. She stated she lived within a log cabin when she initially arrived to Atlanta, when it had been Marthasville, and it would not bother her none to perform it once again. ??Course, she was only joking but that exhibits you how they really feel regarding it.”

“I believe they have acquired lots of spirit,” stated Melanie proudly. “Don’t you, Scarlett?”

Scarlett nodded, a grim satisfaction and pride in her adopted city filling her. As Frank stated, it absolutely was a pushy, impudent spot and which was why she liked it. It was not hidebound and stick-in-the-muddish such as the mature cities and it had a brash exuberance that matched her very own. “I’m like Atlanta,” she believed. “It requires additional than Yankees or perhaps a burning to preserve me down.”

“If Aunt Pitty is likely back again to Atlanta, we would far better go back again and remain with her, Scarlett,” stated Melanie, interrupting her practice of believed. “She’ll die of fright by yourself.”

“Now, how can I depart right here, Melly?” Scarlett asked crossly. “If you’re so nervous to go, go. I will not cease you.”

“Oh, I did not suggest it like that, darling,” cried Melanie, flushing with distress. “How thoughtless of me! Not surprisingly, you cannot depart Tara and?aand I guess Uncle Peter and Cookie can look after Auntie.”

“There’s absolutely nothing to preserve you from likely,” Scarlett pointed out, soon.

“You know I would not depart you,” answered Melanie. “And I?aI will be just frightened to demise with out you.”

“Suit your self. Apart from, you would not catch me heading back again to Atlanta. Just when they get a handful of homes up, Sherman will occur back again and eliminate it once again.”

“He will not be back again,” stated Frank and, regardless of his efforts, his encounter drooped. “He’s gone on via the state for the coastline. Savannah was captured this week and so they say the Yankees are happening up into South Carolina.”

“Savannah taken!”

“Yes. Why, girls, Savannah could not assist but drop. They did not have sufficient males to carry it, although they employed just about every guy they might get?aevery guy who could drag 1 foot right after one more. Do you realize that once the Yankees had been marching on Milledgeville, they referred to as out all of the cadets fromthemilitar y academies,nomatterhowyoungthey had been,andevenopenedthestate penitentiary to acquire fresh new troops? Of course, sir, they turned free each and every convict who was prepared to battle and promised him a pardon if he lived by means of the war. It type of gave me the creeps to determine individuals small cadets inside the ranks with robbers and cutthroats.”

“They turned free the convicts on us!”

“Now, Pass up Scarlett, do not you receive upset. They are an extended way off from right here, and moreover they are producing superior troopers. I guess becoming a thief do not maintain a guy from getting a fantastic soldier, does it?”

“I assume it really is fantastic,” stated Melanie softly.

“Well, I do not,” stated Scarlett flatly. “There’s robbers sufficient operating about the nation in any case, what using the Yankees and?a” She caught herself soon enough however the guys laughed.

“What with Yankees and our commissary division,” they completed and she flushed.

“But where’s Common Hood’s army?” interposed Melanie hastily. “Surely he might have held Savannah.”

“Why, Skip Melanie,” Frank was startled and reproachful, “General Hood has not been down in that part whatsoever. He is been combating up in Tennessee, attempting to draw the Yankees from Georgia.”

“And did not his small scheme operate nicely!” cried Scarlett sarcastically. “He left the damn Yankees to go via us with absolutely nothing but schoolboys and convicts and House Guards to safeguard us.”

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