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Rakhi Festival – The Bond Of Love, Care, Emotion And Respect Between Siblings

Article by anjuri singh

We all know that as Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi is just around the corner, Indians across the globe are gearing up for the auspicious festive occasion. This is one Indian festival that transcends the confines of cultural, religious and border boundaries and unites people in harmony regardless of their genre. The hypnotic charm of Rakshabandhan or rakhi also lies in its subtle yet magnanimous personality, which speechlessly urges brothers and sisters to walk past petty differences and get into the realms of sublimity and selfless love. The walk through this auspicious day is so surreal that one tends to forget the basic traits of human nature that are responsible for having ushered humanity into a mapped world.History books too have a lot to say on this auspicious Indian festival, Rakshabandhan. According to these books, this divine thread, Rakhi, has resulted into countless ties between different kingdoms and empires. Even those kingdoms which were at loggerheads on account of ideological and religious differences finally gave way to peace in order to honour the Rakhi. One famous example that exhibits the divine power of Rakhi is that of the power Indian king Porus. After Alexander’s juggernaut was halted by this mighty Indian King; the former’s execution at the hands of Porus was imminent. In the meantime, Alexander’s wife in order to protect her husband tied a Rakhi on the wrist of Porus, who then went on to pardon his adopted sister’s husband and principal enemy, Alexander.With plenty of Indians residing abroad i.e. outside India, Rakshabandhan or rakhi has in a way garnered global eyeballs. However, the festival’s popularity not being strong in countries other than US,UK, and Canada, majority of these expatriates don’t get a chance to engage in traditional Rakhi celebrations. Getting traditional Rakhis, Rakhi gifts, Rakhi Thalis and other related products too is difficult because of unavailability there. But online gifts portal have come with a concept that makes Rakhi shopping possible for all of them by providing their services like Cheap Gifts To India. The shopping mode, however, will be online but is guaranteed to give them the same experience as they get while shopping from carts and bazaars back in India.If you are looking for an option to send Cheap Rakhi To India then explore through the internet and you will find a wide range of reputed online portals providing their services at very reasonable rates.

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